Ministry Activities Sept 7-9-Church Photo Taken!

Greetings and blessings to you in Jesus’ Name.  This Sunday morning we begin with Adult Sunday School at 9am, followed by an all church picture to be taken by Steve McFadden at 10am. We are back on our fall worship time of 10:30 am.

Out of my visits in the community this last week The Holy Spirit has led me to scripturally address: Spiritual Terror! How will you react when Spiritual Terror comes you way? This will be the question we scripturally address this Sunday. Unfortunately we hear or read in the news alot about political terrorism.  Yet most terror is not political but spiritual. Why?  Because all of life is spiritual in nature. Because we each are created with a Spirit we are vulnerable to life’s fears and troubles ganging up on us!  Text to go over for this Sunday is Psalm 91-called the Protection Psalm.

Following worship, all are welcome to take part in a barbecue featuring sausage sandwiches and sweet corn. Bring a salad to share with others .

See ya Sunday-Your Servants for Christ Our Savior-Pastor John and Maureen


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