How Creative Are You? Really?

Greetings from sunny Ritzville.  I hope the weather on the inside of you is as beautiful as the outside weather we are having!

I heard a person say recently that the two key transforming events that change you the most will be: 1. What you read; and 2. Who you meet. Have you found this to be true in your life experience?

I bring to your attention a person and column that I find amazing.  His name is Seth Godin. I first met him via a simulcast at the 2011 Global Leadership Summit, transmitted by Willow Creek Church, and viewed at Life Center Church in Spokane. I know nothing about his personal faith preference, yet I find him a person we all can learn from.  He is the author of twelve bestselling books, a popular blogger and a successful entrepreneur. His books have been translated more than 35 languages.

Other than Jesus Christ, I find him to be one of the most creative people I’ve ever come into contact with.

Creativity is what we all long for regardless of what kind of ministry or work the Lord has called you to. For Jesus sake be creative!

If you want to truly be creative I encourage you to: 1.) Maintain your spiritual disciplines: daily digesting God’s Holy Word; 2.) Maintain a daily prayer one on one with The Holy Spirit; 3,) Be regular in your worship attendance and small group participation and 4.) Subscribe to Seth Godin’s daily blog by going to the web:  If you maintain these disciplines and are open to the Holy Spirit’s leading then bingo-lookout-wonderful new insights will come to you.

Stay tuned-The Holy Spirit is working on us all–Blessings!   John


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