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Harvest Festival-Weekend Oct 26-28

Hello party—–. Tonight Friday Oct 26th Trinity United Methodist Church offers a Harvest Festival. Menu includes barbecued hamburgers, chili, veggies-and hello—lots of pies to choose from.  It begins at 5pm and goes till 6:30, so we can go root the undefeated Bronco football team onto victory at 7pm. Come enjoy Christ who will be at this party!  Cost is on a donation basis and proceeds go towards our Mission Outreach Ministries!

Sunday-we celebrate Jesus’ living presence along with old time comedian Red Skelton with the theme: “What’s Your One Liner?”. Comedians are famous for their one liners. So it was with Christ.  The Holy Spirit offers us today special verses which capture the essence of the Gospel. For some their favorite one liner is John 3: 16, which certainly does the job.  This Sunday the one liner-we review is Romans 6:23!  Also within worship we will receive new members!


God’s Hunt Doesn’t End this Weekend Oct 19-21

This coming Sunday  marks the end of hunting season for deer. As I have talked with a number of hunters since hunting season began (last Sunday) I have heard interesting results. In fact, coming back from Pullman last Saturday, just hours before hunting season began I almost bagged a few deer with my Suburu Outback.

Thinking of hunting season  so describes what God has been up to with each of us.

This last four Sundays we have been looking at How the Bible describes Itself. We believe the Bible is the Living Word of God . This Sunday we look at John 1:14. Here it is clear that the Living God of the universe has been hunting for each of us! He has found us by coming to us in Jesus the Christ. Our theme this Sunday: “The Bible Describes Your Future”. You’re welcome to bring soup to share with others following worship. I will bring some of my homemade bread and soup to share with whoever desires.

The Truth Project continues to be the theme with the Sunday morning small group led by Pastor in the social hall at 9am.

Byron Fitch continues to lead a small group Sunday night at 6:30 at the Schaals home on prophecy.

Pastor invites all to the parsonage for the small group that is studying the Psalms, beginning at 6-to 7pm.

Your Servants for Christ- Pastor John and Maureen

Who’s Kidding Who? Are We Forward or Backward Christian Soldiers?

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ-Our peacemaker!

Jesus taught with metaphors, and so did His missionary named The Apostle Paul. Thinking of the image of a ‘solider ‘ Paul says in I Timothy 6:12: “Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”

No, this is not a physical military fight we are involved in; but a spiritual fight, so to speak, for the souls, minds, and bodies of people!

No hymn of the faith has lifted up men and women, boys, and girls as contenders for the faith more than the hymn, “Onward Christian Soldiers.”  I came across a different version of this hymn which goes like this:

            Backward Christian Soliders-Anonymous- (to the tune of Onward Christian Soldiers)

Backward Christian Soldiers, fleeing from the fight,

With the cross of Jesus, nearly out of sight,

Christ, our rightful master, stand against the foe

Onward into battle, we seem afraid to go.

Chorus: Backward Christian soldiers, fleeing from the fight, with the cross of Jesus, nearly out sight.

Like a mighty tortoise, moves the Church of God

Brothers we are treading where we’ve often trod,

We are much divided, many bodies we,

Having different doctrines, but not much clarity.

Crowns and thrones may perish, Kingdoms rise and wane,

But the cross of Jesu hidden does remain.

Gates of hell should never’ gainst the church prevail.

We have Christ’s own promise, but we think it might fail.

Sit here then ye people, join our sleeping throng.

Blend with ours your voices in a feeble song.

Blessings, ease and comfort, ask from Christ the King,

But with our modern thinking, we won’t do a thing!

Oh God do we really have a sense of urgency for reaching the lost who don’t know Christ as the Savior of their lives?

Stay tuned.  Brother John


Know Your Multiplication ! Note this Francis Chan Resource from God!

Greetings in the name and power of God’s Holy Spirit who points us all to Jesus the Christ!

God has given us life in the body and more importantly in the Holy Spirit for reproduction. Key today in spreading the Gospel Good News in Christ is multiplication not just merely addition. Toss out the idea that the Gospel is spread just by mere one on one and replace that concept with multiplication.

I have come across an exciting new website that is so in tune with today’s working of The Holy Spirit. It’s called by Francis Chan. If you are not aware of Francis Chan-you should be. Brother Francis Chan is the author of three of the best books on God’s love ,The Holy Spirit, and Christian Discipleship. I so encourage you to get ahold of Crazy Love, The Forgotten God, and Multiply by Francis Chan. Your understanding of God’s love and especially The Holy Spirit will never be the same!

In this fast moving world where the latest phone craze is 4G -so let us be 4G type disciples. Let us take the truth of 2 Timothy 2:2 to heart and multiply Brothers and Sisters who Lift Up Christ and The Gospel!  Stay tuned!  Brother John Hunsberger

Super Weekend Before us-Oct. 12-14

Is God spoiling you?  I’m spoiled in that I still am picking beautiful concord grapes out of my garden and they are as sweet as honey.

Thank you Lord God for the sweetness you offer anyone who calls out to you! I’m reminded of the chorus which goes: Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, sweetest name I know-fills my every longing-keeps me singing as I go.

This coming Saturday we celebrate the life of Jesus’ disciple Doris Amen, here with an 11am memorial followed by a luncheon put on by Trinity Ladies. Oh how thankful we are for Doris’ faith in Christ and how she and her husband Otto gave of themselves for the needs of eastern Washington rural people and especially wheat growers.

We continue this Sunday with the fourth in a five part series on”How The Bible Describes Itself”. It used to be in the USA that a person’s word was good enough to finalize an agreement. Wow how times have changed. Is Jesus’ word good enough for you today? We will mediate upon John 6 where Christ speaks of himself as the ‘Bread of Life.’ Surprisingly, many of his disciples left  after this teaching yet Jesus says to each of us: “The Spirit gives life: the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you are spirit and they are life.” John 6 and especially 6:63 are Sunday’s text. As we get nearer to the upcoming general election we are all wanting a particular word from the candidates. Oh friends Jesus Christ is our King-he offers the words and presence of life that we all as sinners so desperately need.

Now with it beginning to get cooler we will be offering soup and bread for our special fellowship following worship this Sunday!

Hope to see you in worship-your servants for Jesus The Christ-Pastor John and Maureen!

Ministry Weekend Oct 5-7- What’s Your Accomplishments?

Greetings from Vancouver, Washington and The Bishop’s Symposium on “Evangelism”!  It begins today and runs through Friday afternoon. Once a year the Bishop asks to meet with all Pastors.  So unlike last fall in Wenatchee at First United Methodist Church, this year it’s at The Red Lion in Vancouver. A word here about the keynote speaker the Bishop has chosen.  Rev. Dr. Elaine A. Heath, Ph.D., is the McCreless Professor of Evangelism at Perkins School of Theology, and the director of the Center for Missional Wisdom at Southern Methodist University.  Besides her three presentations there will all kinds of workshops for Pastors to attend. I return to Ritzville Friday evening.

This Sunday Adult Sunday School class that meets at 9am in the church social hall is finishing up “The Truth Project”.  Bring your Bible!

We continue this Communion Sunday with a look at how The Holy Bible describes itself.  The Sunday’s text is from Isaiah 55: 1-3; 9-11. Here God tells us through Isaiah that  the Bible has everything to do with how you understand success and accomplishments! So what’s with your accomplishments?  What do you have to show for your life with your accomplishments? According to the Bible what’s the difference between the Biblical and earthly understanding of ‘accomplishments’.

Following worship we will say goodbye to summer this first Sunday in October with our last barbecue fellowship after worship. Barbecued chicken will be offered.  Bring a salad to share with the church providing the chicken and drinks. Sunday evening at 6pm Pastor leads a small group on the Book of Psalm at the parsonage; and Byron Fitch leads a small group at 6:30 at the Schaals home.

Hope to see you in worship!   Your Servants for Jesus The Christ-Pastor John and Maureen!