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Treat Your Political ‘Hang-Over’ with Ritz Play Here Nov.8-10th!

Wow-the political ads on television, and pre recorded political phone calls are over. After months and months of the constant pushing of political attack ads, now we can get back to less stress filled days!

What’s there to do this weekend?  Why not come to the Ritzville Theater play here at Trinity United Methodist beginning Thursday night November 8th, at 7pm. The Play is titled: “Let Him Sleep ’til It’s Time for His Funeral”! Either get your tickets at the door at $12 a piece or purchase tickets at the door. Seating starts at 6:30 with curtain at 7pm. In between acts you will have your choice of special desserts!

This Sunday’s Worship theme is based on Daniel Chapter 4. How are we to reflect on election 2012, this last Tuesday night?   Look over how God related to King Nebuchadnezzar. God is trying to get our attention today?  Like Nebuchadnezzar will we blow God off, only then to have God visit us in a very unique way? As we struggle with the Lord’s help to make the most of each day-here in Daniel 4-we see some very valuable insights! Following this Sunday worship we will have an ad council meeting and  soup/ bread fellowship!  Bring some soup or bread to share with others!

The Lord Jesus Christ is our King!  See ya Sunday-Pastor John-Maureen Hunsberger


Beware of the Idol of PC-‘Political Correctness’ !

As we approach election day-beware of PC thinking and idolizing! Yes we praise God for our political freedom; yet  without the reborn spiritual freedom of Jesus Christ, we are still in bondage.  Let me explain.

We should be humbled by the holy boldness of Christ followers in countries that do not have the freedom of religion.  Wonderful men and women-boys and girls who know the personal experience of freedom in Christ, yet live in political persecution are so inspiring.

We here in the west think we are so free, yet we are in spiritual bondage. For some followers of Jesus-is Christ the standard by which they are known? No, for far too many in this country either progressive or liberal-their theology is more molded by their political ideology than by their Gospel allegiance.  It’s so easy to slip into nation worship or what some voters view as American ‘exceptionalism’.

We would do well to remember our Judeo Christian roots. If you were Rome then you might just make the mistake of bringing military cohort ensigns onto the temple mount. They were strictly forbidden by the Jews. Why? Because the Jews recognized that while they were ruled politically by Rome, their allegiance was not to any political party but strictly first to God the King.

Political correctness is an idol. It is subtle and so cancerous to The Body of Christ. Any time our political affiliation takes the place of our sole devotion to Christ we are in deep spiritual trouble. PC or political correctness is an attitude that is antichrist. If you are truly a disciple of Jesus Christ you are first a citizen of the Kingdom of God while simultaneously living under a political regime of whatever stripe.

How does PC idolizing show itself in the United Methodist Church?  Thank you for asking. How subtle is PC theology? Try this on for size!  Have you ever noticed how often people in the church categorize each other as either ‘progressive or conservative’-instead of  brothers or sisters in Christ? Political correctness creeps into your thinking and soul uninvited . Most don’t even realize that they are more captured by PC than by Jesus. Another way it creeps into discipleship is when people are appointed to churches or placed on ministry committees more by their PC than possibly by Christ centeredness. I could go on and on about this but my time and words are up.

Oh friend lift up Christ first and for most. Don’t be intimidated by the PC of the day or time.  Don’t be manipulated by PC theology.  In God’s eyes you are not first a democrat or republican or green party or libertarian.  You are one who has been saved by the cross and blood of Jesus Christ.  Beware of the idol of PC in society and especially the Church of Jesus Christ!  Stay tuned. Brother John

Concert- Potluck Church Conference This Weekend-Nov 2-4

Saturday Nov 3rd is a special opportunity for music lovers. Seven Seventh Day Adventist Churches from around our region will hold a concert at our building at 11am. We and the Adventists have a lot in common-namely our love for Jesus Christ and John Wesley.  This should be a great time to lift up Christ in song!

Sunday, Nov. 4th-we greet our Superintendent Dale Cockrum back for our annual church conference. Reverend Cockrum will preach at worship, followed by another famous Trinity Potluck dinner, and our church conference. This is our annual time to review our 2012 ministry for Jesus and look ahead to 2013. All are welcome!

Heads up about the weekend of November 8-11th. Our Missions Ministry has teamed up with the Ritzville Theater Players. From Thursday night the 8th through Saturday night the 10th-the theater players will perform “Let Him Sleep ’til It’s Time For His Funeral.”

Wow-life with Jesus is just one continuous learning adventure. Praise the Lord!

See ya Sunday-your servants for Christ-Pastor John and Maureen