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Merry Christmas- “Top Down Meets Bottom Up! “

Merry Christmas to you this December 25th- Jesus is ALIVE!

Like the Holy Family who traveled Christmas eve, so did Maureen and I. We left Ritzville after the Trinity Christmas eve service at 8:40pm and drove eight hours straight to our beach home here in Seaview. Like Mary and Joseph our travel was blessed by the Holy Spirit and what the Holy Family didn’t have-Starbuck mochas-ha!

What is Christmas about?  Its the Top Down meeting the Bottom Up!

imagesEconomically, age long debates continue as to how to best create jobs. Some say “its Trickle-Top Down”. Others say-“humbug no, it’s from the bottom up”. The same ageless debate argues this politically. How is best to affect political change? Is it from the Top Down or from the Bottom Up?

The Bible is clear about this question. John 1:14: is clear: “And the Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us. We have seen His glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.”

O friend, it’s not big government that’s going to give us the help we really need. Just throwing money at a problem doesn’t mean the root problem is solved. Yet on the other hand the help we need just isn’t from working harder at it from the blue collar street level. The help that really makes the difference in each of us is when we allow the  Top Down Holy One from Above named Jesus to  touch us seeking help from the Bottom Up. Top down means God’s divinity has come to earth in Jesus. Bottom up means that Jesus wasn’t just some spiritual robot-but He was and is to us God in a human body. God who is divine became human so we who are human could be touched by the divine.images

Spiritually, economically, and  politically the Top Down wants to connect with the bottom up. Merry Christmas. Speak about top down-Maureen just hollered it’s dinner time- so time is up.

Lay leader-Lay Speaker Byron Fitch will be speaking this Sunday!  Happy New Year with Jesus!- Pastor John


God isn’t Faceless-His Name is Jesus Christ!

IMG_3196Merry Christmas and a ho, ho, ho.

Ever since Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse and Disneyland we have been a highly visual post modern culture.

Last week I was shopping with Maureen and came upon something new-faceless manikins. Manikins are used to showcase the latest in men’s and women’s fashion. Manikins of yesterday were really ‘plastic’ looking yet at least they had faces.  Now in the interest of progress manikins have no faces. Weird.

Now take this faceless manikin and apply it to God. Is God faceless? Many people believe that all religions are the same-sort of like faceless manikins. More like globs than real life people!

Yet praise God for Christmas. Unlike all other world religions-followers of Jesus Christ are very very different. We believe that God has come from heaven to each of us. All other world religions believe that you have to obey all kinds of rules, or do all kinds of good works to  raise yourself to God’s level and get enlightened.

Jesus Christ, Christians believe is the human face of the God, who was and is today fully human, fully divine! Praise God that God is not some faceless glob, impersonal and so far away from us! So unlike us. No God has come to us for his name is Emanuel!

Let’s celebrate Jesus birth this Sunday and enjoy sharing our various Christmas soups and breads after worship!   See ya Sunday-Pastor John and Maureen

Christmas Theater and Party Blessed by Jesus!

IMG_3254Last Sunday’s Christmas theater presentation called “The Christmas Guest” and Christmas party were so IMG_3271much fun! Special thanks to Maureen Hunsberger, Harry -Kathy Schafer, Gregg Wise, Callie Moore, Gayle Gering, and Brinley, Baylor, and Bridget Moore for the theater presentation. The Hunsberger Christmas party for the Trinity family was a hit. It’s kind of hard to argue with Maureen’s cinnamon rolls and the christmas plate of goodies all received! The theater presentation and party were so blessed with Jesus’ presence!IMG_3273

This coming Sunday December 16-we celebrate the witness of Jesus’ mother Mary! We see in the life of Mary one who became a powerful disciple for Jesus.  We see in Mary’s life an example of how we too can become effective disciples for Jesus Christ.

Bring soup and bread to share with others following this Sunday morning’s December 16th worship service!

Just what You Need this Christmas-Jesus!

imagesWow-do I have a Christmas gift for you?  In the midst of the start of Christmas shopping-we all go through a mental check list of possible gifts.  What will this person like?  What will that person like? God knows what each of us really need?  It’s not a thing-but a person.  It’s his Son-Jesus Christ.

I want to share with you two wonderful gift ideas.  They are both books.  Very unique books about Jesus:

1. A beautiful book by John Ortberg, entitled: “Who is This Man?” From the dark ages to Post-modernity, Jesus is history’s most familiar figure. His impact on the world is immense and not a coincidence. Ortberg is pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park, California. This short read of 2o2 pages is an excellent read. I guarantee Ortberg’s thoughts about Jesus will be thoughts you have never read or heard before;

2. Second book is by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola entitled,” Jesus: A Theography.” Virtually every other “Jesus biography” begins with the nativity account in Bethlehem. In this groundbreaking book, Sweet and Viola begin before time, in the Triune God, and tell the complete interconnected story of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation.

These are gifts that no one who is seeking Jesus would ever take back to return!  Stay tuned

Program and Hunsberger Party for You This Weekend!

why-is-christmas-on-dec-25Praise God-the Ritzville Broncos won the 2B State Football championship last weekend 21-19.  They went undefeated throughout their season.

More importantly-Jesus Christ came to earth and throughout his life, death, and resurrection, He was undefeated!  Like our Broncos football team did he suffer through some ups and downs? Hello.  Of course he did. So God come from heaven to earth as a baby-is the one whose birth we celebrate!

This Sunday-we will party in worship and party after worship! Party is all about celebration-and this is what worship and our lives should be about.  Come Sunday to our social hall. The stage is done up for our Christmas program. Special thanks to Mr Ritzville Theater -Harry Schafer for his special touch with our stage!  Come enjoy our Christmas program, followed by the Hunsberger party put on by Maureen and Pastor for the Trinity family!  Let us celebrate-Jesus! The Emmanuel has come and is coming again!  He did something our Bronco Football team couldn’t do!  He forgave sin and defeated death!  See ya, Sunday at 10:30am.  No Sunday School this Sunday!  Your servants for Jesus-Pastor John and Maureen