Program and Hunsberger Party for You This Weekend!

why-is-christmas-on-dec-25Praise God-the Ritzville Broncos won the 2B State Football championship last weekend 21-19.  They went undefeated throughout their season.

More importantly-Jesus Christ came to earth and throughout his life, death, and resurrection, He was undefeated!  Like our Broncos football team did he suffer through some ups and downs? Hello.  Of course he did. So God come from heaven to earth as a baby-is the one whose birth we celebrate!

This Sunday-we will party in worship and party after worship! Party is all about celebration-and this is what worship and our lives should be about.  Come Sunday to our social hall. The stage is done up for our Christmas program. Special thanks to Mr Ritzville Theater -Harry Schafer for his special touch with our stage!  Come enjoy our Christmas program, followed by the Hunsberger party put on by Maureen and Pastor for the Trinity family!  Let us celebrate-Jesus! The Emmanuel has come and is coming again!  He did something our Bronco Football team couldn’t do!  He forgave sin and defeated death!  See ya, Sunday at 10:30am.  No Sunday School this Sunday!  Your servants for Jesus-Pastor John and Maureen


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