God isn’t Faceless-His Name is Jesus Christ!

IMG_3196Merry Christmas and a ho, ho, ho.

Ever since Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse and Disneyland we have been a highly visual post modern culture.

Last week I was shopping with Maureen and came upon something new-faceless manikins. Manikins are used to showcase the latest in men’s and women’s fashion. Manikins of yesterday were really ‘plastic’ looking yet at least they had faces.  Now in the interest of progress manikins have no faces. Weird.

Now take this faceless manikin and apply it to God. Is God faceless? Many people believe that all religions are the same-sort of like faceless manikins. More like globs than real life people!

Yet praise God for Christmas. Unlike all other world religions-followers of Jesus Christ are very very different. We believe that God has come from heaven to each of us. All other world religions believe that you have to obey all kinds of rules, or do all kinds of good works to  raise yourself to God’s level and get enlightened.

Jesus Christ, Christians believe is the human face of the God, who was and is today fully human, fully divine! Praise God that God is not some faceless glob, impersonal and so far away from us! So unlike us. No God has come to us for his name is Emanuel!

Let’s celebrate Jesus birth this Sunday and enjoy sharing our various Christmas soups and breads after worship!   See ya Sunday-Pastor John and Maureen


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