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Good News-Lifts up Christ-Here in Pacific Northwest!

images The national organization called GOOD NEWS made a fantastic public announcement this morning!

What is The GOOD NEWS movement?  Since 1967, Good News has been the leading advocate for biblical orthodoxy and evangelical faith within The United Methodist Church. Its mission is to lead all people within The United Methodist Church to the faithful and vibrant practice of orthodox Wesleyan Christianity. Good New’s office is located in Woodland, Texas.

Today, Good News announced that The Rev Dr. John Southwick has become the new Director of Research, Networking, and Resources for Good News. This is especially sweet because John is also Pastor part time at a small congregation near his home near Spokane. He is is member of the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference.

Wow what a great addition right here in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church!  Praise God!  Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim, till all the world adore His Holy Name!

Stay tuned-the GOOD NEWS  OF  JESUS  CHRIST CONTINUES ON.  – Pastor John Hunsberger


Superbowl Sunday-Are You A Fan or A Follower of Jesus?

One of the ways I keep communication lines open with our four boys is to know what is happening with imagesorganized sports. They all enjoy various favorite teams whether it be football, basketball, or football and in talking about sports we have something in common as they have grown older.

This weekend Football’s Superbowl 47 is taking place in New Orleans. According to last Sunday’s Spokane paper Wall Street Journal Section-the average price of the seats is $330o, with special suites costing a mere $300,000.

images 103So as a sports and football fan myself-the question before us this Sunday is-“Are You A Fan or Follower of Jesus Christ ?”  Many people enjoy sports-but there is a difference between a fan and a follower.  Football fans or Spokane Baseball Indian fans-show up at games but they just admire the players from afar. No commitment to the team- other than showing up at an occasional game.  Not so with followers.  Followers eat, breathe, and sleep their favorite sports hero or team. In fact in two weeks from this Sunday we will be beginning a six part series entitled NOT A FAN!

This Holy Communion Sunday we will be lifting up the importance of spiritual vision-for Proverbs 29: 18 reminds us that “Without a vision people perish.”  Bring your favorite soup or bread to share in our fellowship time after worship.  As Jesus would say to all of us: “Play ball.”  See ya Sunday!  Pastor John and Maureen

Sunday Jan 27-Loyalty Sunday and Special Music!

imagesHello…warm fire place and a heated home!  Wow’s it’s cold.

Nothing soothes the spirit and warms us up like love.  Especially God’s love we enjoy through music! So it will be this Sunday which is designated as Loyalty Sunday. The Sunday of the year when we bring our  Tithe and Pledge for 2013 to the Lord’s altar!

God owns this universe! As our creator and first love He has given to us so we might remember Him. Remember and honor Him by returning a small portion of the time, talents, and money He has given to each of us!

The theme this Sunday is: “Where Would You Be Without Jesus?  Apply God’s Music to Your Everyday Scene”! We all are musical. Music is God’s universal language. Jerry Snyder and his daughter in law Becci Snyder will offer special music this Sunday! The sermon will offer practical tips on how music empowers us with God’s power-regardless of whether it’s a bad hair day or a day with good news!

Bring a crockpot of soup or bread to share with others after worship for our fellowship time!  See ya Sunday! Pastor John

Soul Cafe Coming to Ritzville !

imagesIn today’s post modern culture people are into ‘spirituality’. This means everything from Oprah Winfrey’s view of religion and spirituality to Wicca, or more established historical world religions, including interest in the occult and all kinds of cults.

Organized religions have helped battle  the suffering of the world’s people  yet religion is almost dead in Europe and the percentage of folks into weekly church attendance continues to decline in today’s American culture. Many of the mainstream universities and colleges, hospitals, orphanages and public social service agencies all were initially started by people of the Christian faith.Yet times have changed.

The younger generations may have interest in Jesus Christ but don’t understand ‘church’. Ever since the Vietnam war and the Watergate scandal of the 1970’s all institutions are viewed with suspicion and cynicism.

Instead of assuming people will be attracted to ‘church’ we followers of Jesus Christ must go out and engage people where they are at. Music, simple limited foods such as home made soup and bread will all help to create a safe trusting environment where relationships between people can develop.

images 81A new model of faith sharing is needed besides church. The idea or vision is called The Soul Cafe. The vision is to provide a non denominational safe gathering place for people of all ages to gather in a Christian environment. The organizing committee of which I am part is made up of people from Trinity and the Ritzville community! The committee’s priorities include: to form an official governing board, to incorporate as a non profit organization, and to decide on a downtown building location. Six buildings have been visited and the committee will decide on a location  in due time.

The Soul Cafe we believe is God’s idea and it will happen God’s way and at God’s time!  The Soul Cafe is coming to Ritzville-stay tuned!  The Holy Spirit is alive and well!  The Holy Spirit isn’t through with us yet!  Pastor John