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Jesus is Alive-ABC Chooses Resurrection UMC

imagesWow what an awesome Holy Week we have had! Thanks to all those who have attended Holy Week Services.

This Sunday we celebrate The Resurrection of God’s Son Jesus Christ!

Everyone is welcome to our Easter Breakfast here at Trinity beginning tomorrow morning at 9am.

God is supernatural. God is in the air.  The major television network ABC has chosen United Methodist Pastor Rev. Adam Hamilton and his Easter services to be televised on over 150 ABC stations imagesthroughout the nation.

As much as I want you in worship tomorrow I also so know that many of you will be out of town.  You can worship the Risen Savior by tuning into KXLY channel 4 at 9am to view and participate in the televised worship.

Have a super Christ filled Easter.  He is risen just as he said he would. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Pastor John


“Not A Fan” Points Us to Holy Week 2013 and New Blessings!

imagesHey Trinity Family!  Wow the last five weeks of our 2013 Lenten theme: “Not A Fan” have been so refreshing. Just like the Jews traveling through the desert finding water out of a rock Moses tapped, so God’s Holy Spirit has refreshed us with Living Water through Not A Fan. Whether we realize it or not we all are really on a quest for that which satisfies our souls, namely to find God.

Holy Scripture is really about not just our searching for God but God taking the initiative in Jesus Christ seeking us out. As the Psalms numerous times remind us: “As a deer pants for flowing streams, so pants my soul for you, O God (Psalm 42:1).”

Come Sunday as we finish Not A Fan Part 6. It’s an awesome finish which points us down the narrow road of following Jesus Christ.

Like the Jews who were led by a cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night oh how the Holy Spirit has led us in imagessuch a special way this Lenten Season. So many of you have commented on how much this Lenten theme has revived you spiritually.  Oh how I have enjoyed the dialogue during our discussions and question asking during worship.  Oh how the Holy Spirit has touched our eyes of faith and given us a new heart for knowing what it means to follow Jesus Christ.

imagesMaureen and I will bring soup and bread.  Thanks to you all who shared soup and bread for last  Wednesday night’s  Community Lenten Soup Supper.

Oh how we need to be led today by the fire of The Holy Spirit. A Fire within each of us.  Blessings to you.  Go Zags!  See ya Sunday!  Pastor John

Not A Fan-Week Five is Causing Wonderful Dialogue!

imagesHELLO—–TRINITY. This Sunday we continue with Part 5 of NOT A FAN!  The Holy Spirit continues to reveal new truth about what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. The four small groups meeting during the week continue to examine and incorporate what it means to be not a fan but a follower of Jesus!

Various people in the congregation are telling me that after this special lenten spiritual emphasis they can’t go back to how they used to understand the Christian Faith.

This Sunday’s Theme is: Dead Men’s Bones-dealing with the seven woes of Jesus as found in Matthew 22:46-23:12.

Bring some home made soup and fresh bread to share with others after worship.  See ya Sunday. Stay tuned. Pastor John

What Do You Need More? A Referee or A Spiritual Leader ???

I’m an unapologetic sports junkie.  Anytime I talk with one of our four boys I talk sports as a way to build a bridge with the younger generation. The NCAA playoffs and March Madness next week will determine which division 1 university will be tops in basketball.

imagesLike sports and everyday life we have referees. The refs are like big whistles running all over the court.

Sports like life’s relationships are about boundaries!  Stay within the boundaries of the game and the basketball court is what any player agrees to in being a player.  Interestingly enough the rules of various sports change year by year. Yet God as Christ tells us that the game of  life is about absolute truth (John 18:37).

Do you see God in Jesus Christ as a referee running around blowing a whistle every time you cross God’s boundaries. A more freeing image is to see Jesus as our ultimate spiritual leader- Savior. Referees have nothing to do with actually making the rules of the sport,  Yet the Bible tells us that everything is made by and for God (John 1). In Jesus Christ we see our spiritual leader who models truth and justice.

When God called you into a believing relationship  He asks you to not just be a referee. No He wants you to lead your children, family, or church in His Absolute Truth. Modeling and standing up for God’s truth in a loving and respectful way is what God asks of us.  Stand up for God’s truth. Model it like Jesus so others will also come to know Jesus Christ, as the way, the truth, and life!

May your favorite basketball team do well this weekend and into next week. The Spokane Washington Roman Catholic school called Gonzaga is first in the nation in the latest college basketball poll.  Stand up for Jesus as Truth! Go Zags!

Stay tuned.  Brother John

Jesus’ Frankness Will Upset You Towards God!

What we need and our souls cry out for is at times not easy to hear or accept.

All kinds of people will upset you yet only Jesus can upset you in a way that attracts you. Usually when you are imagesupset you can’t wait to get away from that person.  Yet, not so with Jesus!  Even before his birth at Bethlehem Jesus’ coming upset King Herod. Jesus’ truthfulness is upsetting. After his first sermon in Nazareth hearers were ready to take him outside the synagogue and toss him over the cliff. Yet the crowds got bigger and bigger as Jesus’ ministry started. Why? Because only in Jesus Christ do we see an authenticity that cuts through our sin and gives us new life and hope.

As we continue with our Lenten theme: NOT A FAN-the theme this coming Sunday is “Let the Dead Bury the Dead “(Matthew 8:21-22).

jesus-madWhat is Jesus saying here?

Hello-are you really interested in the truth about yourself from the inside out?  No, one has ever diagnosed the inner human heart, mind, and soul like Jesus Christ.  What’s so attractive about Jesus?  As we are upset at times with Jesus’ words-when we cool down and actually look inward the Holy Spirit convicts us that yes Jesus is really saying what we really need to her.  No one, no one will ever be as honest with you as Jesus.

Learn to realize that after you really think about Jesus’ words-His holy presence is drawing you into God’s presence like never before.  See you Sunday with soup and bread to share after worship!  Stay tuned. Brother John

Wow O Holy Spirit-How Marvelous YOU ARE!

imagesI just experienced hopefully with you as well, Verge 2013.  Verge 2013 is the premier annual gathering of Jesus followers who joined this last two days to celebrate Christian Mission.  From Austin Texas, 6,000 and many others from around the world via video simulcast-experienced an excellent focus on the theme: Disciple Making.

Excellent worship, music, testimonies, and teaching all lifted up Jesus the Savior of the world.

Teachers who shared about disciple making included: Frances Chan, Steven Peck, Alan Hirsch, Michael Stewart, Dave Gibbons, Jo Saxton, Neil Cole, Dhati Lewis,  Chris-Kathy Norman, Mike Breen, Todd Egstrom, Jeff Vandersteld, Hugh Halter, William Branch, John Perkins, and a fascinating brother Christian rapper known simply as Propaganda.

For me-besides lifting up Jesus Christ, the highlight was being aware of Christian Mission Networks, who are imagesall doing fabulous ministry.  Check out these mission network groups on line: Xealot,  Missio,  3DM, Rebuild  and

It began yesterday morning and ended with lifting up that our first love is not the mission but of course Christ who deserves all the praise for what HE has done for us by His Cross and Resurrection.

This wonderful continuing education experience brings to memory the awesome  Hymn entitled: “I Stand Amazed” which chorus goes: “How marvelous! How wonderful!  And my song shall ever be: How marvelous!  how wonderful, is my Savior’s love for me.!”

Next February I am definitely attending Verge 2014.  See you there.  Stay tuned! Brother John