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Prayer Time for UMC is a hit at Silverdale!


Greetings to everyone from the Cosners home in Silverdale,Washington.

Today has been a day in which God revealed his glory. Beginning at 10am today there was a prayer conference at Silverdale United Methodist Church. Sixteen people mostly Pastors attended. This five hour prayer conference was led by Pastor Larry Eddings. It was co-sponsored by The Wesleyan Covenant Connection and Wind of The Spirit Ministries.

Our prayer time was composed of time in which we  thanked for who He is; a time in which we repented of sin and claimed His forgiveness, a time in which we thanked God for revealing himself to us through Christ, the Holy Spirit and Scriptures, and a time in which we interceded for others with their prayer needs.

imagesThe decision was made to hold these prayer conferences at least quarterly. The next prayer conference will be in Eastern Washington some time in July.

Everyone who attended was very upbeat about this time to pray for each other and The United Methodist Church!  Stay tuned.  God isn’t through with us yet.

Tonight I interviewed a Naturopath doctor and her assistant at the Cosners home who spoke of their leading people to Christ through their medical practice. I recorded it on my cell phone video.

I stop and visit my mother tomorrow morning and expect to be back in Ritzville early tomorrow afternoon. Praise the Lord!