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Special Music Group Visiting Sunday May 26

imagesThis Memorial Day Weekend- the christian band Cross Country will be visiting  us!  This musical group of three hails from LaCrosse, Washington, and  will be offering a musical message.

I send you this note from our home on the Long Beach Peninsula, where Maureen and I are taking this holiday weekend off from our usual church responsibilities.images

Besides helping Maureen with yard work today I managed to go to one of the 3 fresh water lakes on the peninsula and catch five rainbow trout this afternoon.

So have a super Memorial Day Weekend with The Lord Jesus Christ, as we remember those who like Christ have laid down their lives for our freedom!

Stay tuned!  Brother John


Get the Name Right!

imagesNames and faces.  So often someone may call you by the right first name but get your last name wrong. Or maybe they get your last name right and your first name wrong! Putting the right name with the right face is easier said than done at times! With the last name of Hunsberger I recall being called cheeseburger, or bacon burger in grade and junior high school. No big thing. You roll with the punches.

Every so often I hear people refer to the Methodist Church. It reminds me again of name trouble. Yet this time it has to do with the name of the church we are part of. Pastors, lay people, and all kinds of people refer to the Methodist Church. Now this would be correct if you were with the Free Methodist, or the African Methodist, or some other off shoot of the Methodist Church. Yet the people I hear doing this are part of my denominational family. Wow, how amazing. What am I referring to?  I’m referring to those who in their talks, speeches, or blogs refer to “The Methodist Church.” People who should know better. It’s not the “Methodist Church”, we are part of.  It’s proper name is “The United Methodist Church.”

So, after being in a pension meeting recently in Spokane and hearing pastors refer to the “Methodist Church” too many times, I’ve decided to write this blog.

Let me ask you a jeopardy question for $300. I’m pretending I’m Alex Trebek.images The question is: the name of the merger between The Evangelical United Brethren Church and The Methodist Church, in 1968. What sayest thou? Answer. What is “The United Methodist Church?” Good job!

Where did the name “United” come from? It came from The Evangelical United Brethren Church. Now this may not mean boo to you! But as a boy brought up in The Evangelical United Brethren Church the name “United” still has a special ring to it. It’s part of my faith story.

So-if you get my first name or last name wrong, that’s one thing. No big deal. But if you are part of “The United Methodist Church” get the name of our imagesChurch right! To leave out the word United-is to leave out the spiritual legacy of Phillip Otterbein of the E.U.B Church. As far as I know I am the last active Evangelical United Brethren rooted Pastor in the Pacific Northwest Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. To God be the glory for both the Evangelical United Brethren and The Methodist Church. Hopefully at our core within The United Methodist Church, we are both “United” as well as “Methodist.”  Get the name right.  Stay tuned.

Got the Holy Spirit? Happy Pentecost to YOU!

imagesRemember the ads over the years showing people with a milk mustache? The ad asked- “Got Milk?”. Well this weekend we ask the question-“Got the Holy Spirit?”

This Sunday May 19th is such an important date? Why?  Because it’s Pentecost!

Fifty days after Jesus’ Resurrection the Holy Spirit was sent by God upon Jesus’ disciples.  Wow!  The world from that moment on has never been the same! The disciples went out with the Great Commission from Jesus and now three Billion people claim the name Christian!

The awesome reality is that the Holy Spirit is still a gift from God to anyone who believes . Anyone who believes Jesus is the authentic one and only imagesSavior of the world!

So come to a really special worship service this week. The service will include a confirmation ceremony.

Following worship we begin the Love Feast Fellowship. A time to grill burgers and enjoy fellowship with The Holy Spirit and each other!

Blessings to you-Pastor John