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Gaynel, Sandra, Anita-This Sunday!

Greetings from Dallas, Texas.

IMG_0323What is memorable to you?

Yesterday was memorable. Went to the JFK assassination museum, and a Texas Rangers baseball game.  Had a great day with  son Craig and daughter in law Shalyn.

As great as this earthly life is, nothing is as great as knowing  Jesus Christ. Everything comes and goes but “Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (Hebrews 13:8).”

This Sunday Gaynel Gering, Sandra Fitch, and  Anita Walli are sharing what’s really memorable. They will be sharing how they came to personally know Jesus as their Savior.

See you soon!  Pastor John and Maureen


Does Your Grocer Consider You Spiritual?

Hello again from Lubbock Texas, which is Bible Belt country. We are visiting our son Craig and his wife Shalyn.

Yesterday included exercise, time for reading and writing, hanging out, Texas shopping, and going to an outdoor play last night: “Annie Get Your Gun.”

IMG_0285While shopping at a grocery I found these candles. Why would these be mixed among Hispanic foods?  Da!  The grocer obviously thinks that they are in demand and will sell.  Who would buy such an obvious tribute to Jesus Christ the Savior of the world?  Jesus on the Cross. Jesus wearing the crown of thorns.

How often do you see  these candles in your grocery? Would you buy one? I should have  bought one!  Jesus is Lord  Stay tuned.  Your servants for Christ-john and maureen.


Doug Tomkins, and Playing Hookey!

Hello in Jesus’ name from Lubbock, Texas!

My  Wednesday morning motorcycle ride to the coast to join Maureen was one of the best ever. Seeing fresh cut hay, the potato fields, a truck full of onions, and the field corn always excites me.  Reason to sing”How Great Thou Art.” Snoqualmie Pass was in its summer beauty.IMG_0276

IMG_0275Left Portland yesterday morning via Southwest  landing  in Vegas for a stop over transfer where it was 110 degrees. Ouch. Arriving in Lubbock last night it was only 77 degrees.

Walked out of the terminal to meet our son with God showing us a beautiful IMG_0279rainbow.  How awesome. Genesis 9:15  is God saying: “I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth.” Oh how good our loving Heavenly Father is all the time.

This Sunday Doug Tompkins from Colfax will be offering a special musical message.  Enjoy the beauty of summer and sing your praises to God!

Love to you all-your servants for Jesus the “Christ”! Pastor john

What’s on Your Doorstep Sidewalk?

Each morning after returning from my walk I pick up the paper on the sidewalk. Maybe it’s the same for you. Well twelve days ago someone left this IMG_0266on the sidewalk leading up to the front doors of our church building.  It’s called a pentagram-the modern day sign for Satan.

Upon seeing this  I immediately knew what it was! I have seen this  sign before in other communities over the last 40 years.

So let’s talk Sunday about Satan,demons, and Jesus Christ.

Haven’t we all heard the statement: “Beware of what you don’t know it might just hurt you? ”  Well-watch out for what ends up on your front door side-walk.

See ya in worship!  Pastor John and Maureen!

Believe in Super Heroes-Only One is Real!

Superheroes are back.  With kids out of school and no new James Bond movie ready-Hollywood offers us Superman and The Lone Ranger. Super-heroes imagesmany of us grew up with.

Jesus, Superman, and The Lone Ranger have much in common-yet one big difference. The three came stood up for common folks like you and  me. They fought for justice and shall we say, “The kingdom of God and the American Way.” Yet one big difference.

Unlike Superman and The Lone Ranger-Jesus is still alive and at work.

See you Sunday in worship when we celebrate a post July 4th theme: “Freedom is first Spiritual, Not Physical”-Galatians 5:1 our text.

By the way, I have just finished a fascinating book: “The Incomparable Christ”  by J. Oswald Sanders, a most interesting biblical take on Jesus the Christ.

imagesHe is our real superhero!

See you tomorrow!  Pastor John and Maureen