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We Give Thanks for their Their Faithfulness!

IMG_2798Wow, what a mixture of good and bad news this last couple of weeks.

With the terror of the recent killings in the Naval Ship Yard, with the recent shootings of 13 in Chicago, and the most recent killings of 60 in a terrorist attack in a Kenyan mall-wow what’s up? Is Christ second coming soon?

Sad news  got personal in our Trinity family with the recent deaths of Cloyd Blake and Dorothy Clinesmith.

In the midst of all the good and bad news that comes our way each day Peter helps us with our spiritual perspective by saying in I Peter 1:6: “So be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead, even though you have to endure many trials for a little while”.

We meet Friday at 10:00 am for a grave side service and at 11:00 am at theIMG_0048 church for a memorial service for Dorothy Clinesmith, followed by a meal put on at the Legion Hall.

Sunday’s worship theme is: “Thank God that His Good News is for All of Life”.  Following worship we then will celebrate Cloyd Blake’s memorial at  2pm followed by a meal.

Let us thank God for his faithfulness to all of us and let us thank Dorothy and Cloyd for their faithfulness to Christ. !  See ya this weekend!   Stay tuned!

Pastor John and Maureen.


Judge Judy and Matthew 7:1 This Sunday!

We live in a day and time of misunderstanding.  Da!  What’s the most quoted and misunderstood scripture verse repeated today by people?4338920953_7dc7c5e229_b-550x412

It’s Matthew 7:1: “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.” People just look at this  first verse and don’t pay attention to the rest of what Jesus says!

Haven’e we all been misjudged?  We hear from people outside the church that the church is just full of judgmental people!  Is this true?  The ouch here is at times yes there are  people within churches who are very judgmental. But so are there judgmental people in all other organizations and institutions.

judge-judyCome tomorrow and see what Judge Judy has to say about being judgmental.  Thank God-this world isn’t judged by Judge Judy as good as she is.  We all will be judged by God himself!

Who do we not judge like Pharisees is our theme Sunday!  See ya in worship!  Stay tuned!  Pastor John

Jesus Can Handle Moslem Insults!

I call attention to a recently published book entitled the Zealot by Reza imagesAslan. This religious ‘scholar’ claims to have new insights into Jesus. I have not read his book but I ask you to turn to this website and view this video where he is being interviewed: Reza Aslan on Jesus the Zealot Huffington Post. Once on the Huffington Post website you will see on the top right search space where you type in the title once again and here is the interview. How misleading and untrue this man’s words are about the true Jesus. I will not buy this book.

This man is not the first and will not be the last to insult Jesus Christ!

For Centuries people have tried to scrub Jesus into their their own liking and have failed, for as  the Holy Scriptures make clear: “Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

See you Sunday for worship. Our theme centers on what it means to “Lighten Up with Jesus”. Sunday School starts at 9 am for adults, 9:30 am for children, with worship at 10:30 am.

Stay tuned!  Pastor John

Be in Spiritual Alignment!

Vehicles in our lives are central.

More and more people in the large cities are doing away with cars and turning to bicycles and public transportation. Yet for most of us we so depend upon our car, truck, or motorcycle for getting where we need to be.

imagesThis Sunday we look to Galatians 5 and the need to be in spiritual alignment.  Like vehicles created to be in alignment we are created to be in alignment with God, and one another!

What causes us to be out of alignment with God and one another?tire-unaligned

What are the benefits of being in spiritual alignment?

How does God work in our lives so we are in spiritual alignment?

Heads up about Sunday School-we start with Christian Ed people serving breakfast at 9 am and a multi generational Sunday School activity!

See ya Sunday!  Stay tuned! Pastor John