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Believe in God’s Goodness

Greetings from Seattle.  Maureen and I have the weekend off.

Hope you all had a a great Thanksgiving. Maureen and I ended up in Coupeville where at my brother’s place there were 20IMG_0548 family gathering.

IMG_3843 Then on Friday along with a son from Texas and his wife joined the Gerings for the WSU-Washington football game known as the Apple Cup in Husky Stadium. Note Gaynel holding up an apple slice.

The question that is so central in all this world of hurt is-“Do you believe in a God of goodness?” We don’t enjoy life at times because we are not sure if God is good. Oh friend, this is a moral universe created by our Loving Heavenly Father. Right is built into each of us and in all of life. When we choose to follow our conscience and God’s Holy Word we choose what is really right about life. Jesus tells us: “I have come that you might have life and have it to the full (John 10:10).”

Enjoy this Sunday which is the first Sunday in Advent.  Be sure and pick up your advent wreaths in the social hall which have been created by Harry Schafer and Byron Fitch.

Have a super Sunday!  Maureen and I will worship here in Seattle and then see our son from Texas run in the Seattle Marathon.  Will be back in the office Monday morning!  Believe in a  God of goodness, all the time. Praise the Lord!

Pastor John and Maureen


Will Some Huff and Puff and Blow the House Down?

imagesOpen and secretive rebellion is taking place. More and more United Methodist Pastors are going against the Book of Discipline performing same sex marriages.

This week one United Methodist Pastor was convicted in a church trial in Pennsylvania, for performing a same sex marriage. In addition a retired United Methodist Bishop Melvin Talbert  is going around the country performing same sex marriages.

In our conference there are three pastors who have had complaints filed against them for performing same sex marriages. Our Bishop Grant Hagiya agrees with those who have performed these marriages, even though when Grant was ordained Bishop he agreed to uphold the United Methodist Book of Discipline. Even though the complaints were filed last spring the Bishop still is dragging his feet in holding the trial. His rationale for supporting this rebellion is simply that within Washington State same sex marriages are legal.  In other words it doesn’t matter what spiritually we as the UMC have within our Book of Discipline.

Let us continue to pray for Our beloved United Methodist Church.

It has come to my attention that the three pastors who filed complaints against the three pastors who performed the weddings are being persecuted by the Bishop and our church conference for pushing for what should be an upcoming trial.  I simply ask that you join me in praying for  Pastor David Parker, Pastor Rick Vinther, and Pastor Collen Shehan, who are being persecuted for simply wanting to uphold our present  church Book of Discipline, based on what we believe Holy Scriptures to proclaim.images

See ya Sunday for our all church conference.  Watch out for wolves going around in sheep’s clothing trying to huff and puff and blow the United Methodist Church down.       Pastor John