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Who and What Makes You Foam?

Last weekend Maureen and I had the weekend off (first break since Christmas) at our home located on the Long Beach peninsula. Like always, I enjoy taking a four mile walk that loops me down the ocean beach and back.  The ocean is like people-it has different moods. What especially caught my interest was the ocean foam. For some reason the amount of ocean foam was more than I’ve seen before.  I asked God-“What makes the ocean foam?” images

According to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) most sea foam is not harmful to humans and is a sign of a productive ocean ecosystem. Seawater contains dissolved salts, proteins, fats, dead algae and a bunch of other organic matter. When the ocean is agitated by wind and waves, the foam forms.

jesus-madThink about this spiritually?  What or who makes you foam from within?   Yes, of course God in Jesus Christ was and is today all about love. Yet at times the most loving thing we can do is express our foam in loving respectful ways! To be honest, truthful, and loving means at times that God wants you and I to say something to someone else who may not want to hear. This so ought to remind us of Jesus who communicated holy foam when in Matthew 23 He spoke of the Seven Woes; one example being:“Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites!  You shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to (Matthew 23:13-14).”

Speak God’s truth lovingly and respectfully, no matter what people think.   See you Sunday in worship. I’m excited over this Sunday’s theme:  “Why Don’t Some People Believe in Jesus’ Resurrection.?”  See you Sunday-Pastor John


Caution, Caution, Caution-Yellow Light About People’s View of Heaven

imagesI call attention to a video by David Platt : Why You Should Not Believe Heaven is for Real. Google this short four minute video. Pastor Platt in a respectful way calls into question the numerous books and now movies that have been written and brought to the silver screen about heaven, hell, and the after life. The now running movie taken from the book, “Heaven is for Real is presently popular. Yes, we do believe according to God’s Holy Word that heaven is for real; but not every book or movie about this theme is biblically real. I find myself agreeing with David Platt’s view here!  What do you think about what Platt is saying?  Big money is being made over fictional views of heaven!

This weekend, certified lay speaker Byron Fitch is speaking in worship as Maureen and I are taking a weekend break from full time ministry. This is my first break since Christmas.

How you and I understand the Bible is much like a stop light. Red-stands for stop-don’t go there. Green-stands for go-proceed with God. Yellow-stands for caution-or as Jesus says in Matthew 10:images 16: “Be as wise as a serpent as harmless as a dove.” Be cautious about people’s view of heaven, hell, or the supernatural. Don’t go with the red-interpretations about life and the supernatural that are not biblical. Go with the green-the for sure words of Jesus about the Kingdom of Heaven!

Maureen and I love you all-in Jesus’ Name- Pastor John

Will the Truth Please Stand Up?

As we remember Jesus’ last week I am reminded of a television program of the late 1950’s entitled: To Tell the Truth.

That’s where a team of celebrity panelists attempted to determine which of three contestants is the actual person associated with a story. To Tell the Truth had five runs over a 45-year period.

Why did Jesus come to earth? Many explanations are correct-yet the most comprehensive answer is what Jesus gives himself. On trial :“You are a king, then!” said Pilate. Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.( John 18:37).”th

Oh friend, in a culture today where political correctness is important, so not to offend anyone, Jesus goes against the tide of popular opinion. There are absolute values and truth. You’d be surprised how much the word truth is associated with Jesus!

See you Thursday night for our Maundy Thursday Potluck and Communion Service beginning at 6pm; followed by our 7pm Good Friday service with The Ritzville Ministerial Association and our Easter Morning Breakfast 9 to 10am followed by our Easter worship at 10:30.

Happy Resurrection Day to you and your family-Pastor John

Who’s Riding Into Your Heart?

Who or what is riding in your heart?

This Sunday we begin Holy Week 2014. Time to recall and celebrate what Jesus Christ did for us all that last week in his earthly life. Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday-the time when Jesus rode a donkey into Jerusalem much to the pleasure of those who were following his works and words.

The question before us is: who or what has our heart’s real attention?  Spring has sprung. The trees and fields all show the freshness of spring. Yet what really matters is not first what’s on the outside, but instead what’s going on in the inside of each of us. To farmers what matters now is possible re-seeding,  prepping the fields. Children and youth are back in school after spring break going down the homestretch of the school year before graduation. What/ or who grabs your heart during this season?

imagesSunday we celebrate Palm Sunday by not only thanking Jesus for riding into our lives; but we apply our belief in Him by renewing our baptism vows. Its a time to remember what Jesus Christ has done for us through baptism and be thankful!

Who or what’s riding into your heart?  See ya Sunday-Your Servants for Christ-Pastor John-Maureen

Get a “Faith” Lift!

imagesThere’s an explosion of wonderful movies out which are faith based. A couple of weeks ago the movie: Son of God, was available on the big screen.  As we speak today there is a wonderful movie: God is not Dead.  Now as we head towards Holy Week and Easter there is another true life movie full of faith in God entitled: Heaven is for real.

In a day and time when people consider cosmetic surgery for almost all our body parts-God wants to give us a “Faith Lift”. Jesus challenges us not to have “little faith in Him” but to really know that “faith in him will make us whole.”

In a day and time with so much evil and uncertainty around us-we need “Faith Lifts” at times to boost our faith in humanity and God himself, Jesus Christ!images

Sunday we finish our Lenten Theme: Who Is This Man?

Afterwards, bring soup and bread to share with others.  Jesus Christ is the bread of life and our souls  feed on Him, yet let’s refresh our bodies with fresh bread and goodies!

See ya Sunday-your servants for Christ-Pastor John and Maureen