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Will the Spiritual Coup d’ Etat Hold ?

imagesEarlier this year  a coup d’ etat took place.  Not political but spiritual.

My United Methodist Bishop Grant Hayiga, decided not to hold trials for clergy who intentionally went against The United Methodist Book of Discipline by performing same sex weddings. Now its agreeable to disagree over ordaining homosexual clergy.  That’s not my point.  My point is that the movement that the Bishop supports has tried every legal way they could to change the Book of Discipline  that forbids same sex weddings. Yet every time its been brought up for a vote with general conference the vote has been against changing our present spiritual belief against same sex marriage.

A coup d’état is defined as a sudden and violent overthrow of a government. While violence thank God has not happened between people; the violence committed has been against the rule of law. So what are we to think? If you don’t get your way-you’re just going to go ahead and take the law into your own hands? Out here in the Greater Northwest the United Methodist Church has been overthrown.

The other reason this is a coup d’etat is that like the political variety there is no one to hold the perpetrators accountable. They are a church unto themselves. Well that could change!

Yesterday the Good News United Methodist renewal group published a letter that is entitled “Integrity and Unity”, calling for the council of Bishops of the UMC to come together and uphold our Book of Discipline; letting folks know that those who goes against what they agreed to uphold will be held accountable-even Bishops.  I so ask you to take the time to go the website

See you Sunday-Your Servants for Jesus The Christ-Pastor John-Maureen


Be Ready for Your Burning Bush Moment!

Have you ever noticed special God moments?  Usually we plan for things imagesto happen.  Yet the special God moments when we experience God the Holy Spirit are as spontaneous as they are planned.  That’s how it was with Moses and the burning bush experience. It wasn’t planned it was just spontaneous.  He happened to be at the right place where God was and bingo it was a teachable moment.

So it was with me yesterday in making pastoral rounds in the community. I just happened to be talking to a person I hadn’t planned on meeting and bingo it was a teachable moment. The person asked about our Little Learners Preschool and I mentioned the Preschool is planning to resume another year this fall. The person mentioned that the Ritzville School Preschool is full and people are looking for preschool opportunities for their little ones.  I explained what makes Little Learners Preschool so special with our emphasis on teaching students hand on skills and also spiritual truths.  By the end of our conversation we exchanged email addresses with the interest in staying in touch.  Later on that day she emailed me and said there’s seven families interested in knowing more about our Preschool.  Wow-isn’t it interesting how the Lord connects us with opportunities and people that we imageshadn’t planned on?  Be ready for your Burning Bush moment with God.

This Sunday we continue our series on Spiritual Disciplines by looking at the theme: “Touched by the Holy”.  See ya Sunday!  Your servants for Jesus the Christ-Pastor John and Maureen

Jesus is Your Remedy for Summer Stings

I hope that your summer has and is being a time for fun, fun, fun.

Summer while being a time for outdoor fun also brings with it variousimages stings.  Whether its a bee sting, or a pesky mosquito, or just sun burn-life stings at time.

In thinking of the stings of summer,  I just received word from my siblings that my mother, Helen Hunsberger, age 96, passed away this morning. Wow, we are never ready for death.

Nothing will sting you in life like the death of a loved one!  Yet Jesus Christ is our remedy to the stings of life. With his blessed glorious resurrection he has imagestaken the sting out of death.  In I Corinthians 15:55-Paul in teaching about Jesus’ victory over the grave says;”Where O death is your victory?  Where, O death is your sting?”

So get out that copper tone sun screen, pick up that ice tea and enjoy the gift of every day.  How can we do this?  By realizing Jesus Christ is our remedy for the stings of life!

See you tomorrow for worship at 9:30 am- love you all so-Pastor John and Maureen!