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Is the USA Following in Rome’s Footsteps?

Wow-what an unfair loaded question in the title.

History is important.  Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.

Rome made many contributions to civilization. Law, education, and civil engineering-to name a few. Yet as we approach the forty ninth Superbowl this Sunday Feb 1-Rome’s  excesses ought to haunt us.images

Life Rome the USA has its armies around the world posing as the world’s policeman, we have an internal political process that is corrupt and up for sale to the highest bidder, spend millions on coliseum sporting events while our education system goes lacking and our culture like Rome promotes numerous wanna be gods.

Now I am not against sport.  My four boys and I enjoy viewing and talking sports. Sport provides a way for people to vent aggression. Yet the obsession with sports can go overboard. The salaries pro sports players receive, and the excessive gambling epidemic especially in college age youth reveals a society much like that of Rome.

What Rome like its predecessor Greece were famous for were the many wanna be gods of their culture. imagesSports, wall street, Hollywood, the pentagon, all are wanna be gods or idols that can distract us from the one Almighty as revealed in Jesus Christ. I especially remember that the early followers of Christ were sport themselves. Followers of this Jesus, were banned by the Roman state and many were killed by animals and gladiators for sport in Coliseums much like the Arizona Coliseum where the Superbowl will be played.

So like you I will pay attention to the Superbowl-but like many of you remember Jesus’ greatest commandment-“Love the Lord your God will all of your heart, mind, and soul.”

So enjoy your Superbowl party this Sunday. Go Jesus! Go Hawks!  Stay tuned.  Pastor John



Brand Loyalty-Is Christ First ?

As Bob Dylan’s song declares: “These Times Are A-Changing!”  Part of the change in today’s culture has to imagesdo with what is called ‘Brand Loyalty.’ It used to be that when a person started to work at a factory, or began playing professional sports for a certain team, or bought their first Ford they kept loyal. Now a days new workers will work 3 different types of jobs in their working lifetime. Sport teams no longer look for players to be loyal and players often realize that as much as they like playing for a certain the ownership puts the business bottom line before loyalty. Whereas people used to always buy a ford or a levi’s brand of jeans this type of product loyalty is rare.

imagesTomorrow is Loyalty Sunday at Trinity and we invite you to show your loyalty to Christ by bring your Tithe/pledge card to worship. Brand loyalty spiritually means that we are loyal to Christ before anyone or anything else.  See you in worship.  Pastor John

Looking for a Edge? Don’t Get Cut!

We all look for an edge. images An edge is what we look for when we face competition. An edge may be the difference between winning or losing. For example-in last Sunday’s January 18th, AFC championship football game between The New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts it was discovered that eleven out of 12 Patriot footballs were under inflated. In cold weather when a football is under inflated the ball is easier to grip. Was this a way one team wanted to have a edge over another or was this some kind of oversight? The football commissioner’s office is investigating. God’s Holy Bible is about an edge. Hebrews 4:12 declares- For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.” God’s living word has such a sharp edge that it has the ability to divide what’s true and false deep within the heart, mind, soul and conscience. Make choices that honor God. Be careful not to make choices which are based on deceit and falsehood. Be imagesinwardly real. Why? Because if we do make poor choices, we end up cutting ourselves against the sharp edge word and truth of God. Ouch. Stay tuned!  Go Hawks. Pastor John

The 3 R’s of The Soul Cafe

The Soul Cafe opened Saturday January 10th, with discussion, the awesome band ‘Salt’, IMG_0931great food, playing poole, air hockey, foos ball, and even watching some Seattle Playoff Football.

IMG_0938The Soul Cafe is a safe gathering place for all ages in a Christ centered environment.

Just as you learned the three R’s: Reading Writing, and Arithmetic-so the Soul Cafe has its own three R’s. Jesus was asked-“hey if you are such a hot shot preacher what’s the greatest law”. Jesus responded: “Love the Lord, with all your heart, mind and soul, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Translated means: first life is about Respect. Respect for God, people and property. Secondly life is about Responsibility. Taking responsibility for one’s  thoughts, attitudes, and behavior toward God and people. Any youth or adult entering the Soul Cafe will be held responsible for their actions in the S0ul Cafe. The third R is for Reverence. Reverence for life, God, and the sacred worth of all people.

IMG_0937So enjoy life. Even better enjoy a relationship with the supreme Almighty God who gave you physical and spiritual life. Soul Cafe’s hours: Sunday-closed to the public except those in Sunday night activities. Monday it is closed. Tuesday through Thursdays: 2-4 pm for adults, while youth are in school; and then 4 to 7:30 pm open to all. Friday and Saturday opened to all from 2 to 10 pm.  See you at the Soul Cafe-enjoy God’s 3 R’s.  Stay tuned.  John

Who Do You Compete With-Try Yourself !

Competition is something we all are raised on. Competition can be healthy and un healthy for us.images

Healthy competition is what sports are all about.  As the American style football season is into the “play-offs” we will see thousands rooting on their favorite teams.  Sports are a healthy example of competition when played by rules.  Sports are a legal way for people to vent aggression. Sports provide an escape from having to think about the serious political, and financial issues of the day.

Unhealthy competition is when we are so unsure of our identity that we think we need to prove ourselves by putting someone else down.  Here is where materialism can harm us. We may be tempted to use our material possessions to prove that we are better than someone who doesn’t have the “things” we have; such as homes, clothes, or even the type of vehicle we drive. Jesus Christ knew this and this is why He says to you and me: “Life does not consist in the abundance of things you possess (Luke 12:15)”

imagesCompetition also is spiritual. Right now Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are competing with the forces of  evil for the souls, minds, and bodies of countless people like you and me.  The follower of Jesus named Paul, knew this when he said-“I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do (Romans 7:15).”

What’s the answer? The answer dear friend is the living person, the Savior of the world Jesus Christ. Christ teaches that competition is first of all something that you do within.  Many people,and tasks so compete for your attention each day.  Examples here would be: losing weight, how do I spend money, who are the people I choose to associate with, what books and tv shows do I read or watch.  Competition dear friend starts within.  Realize who the real God of the universe is.  Love God as revealed in Jesus Christ and learn how to love yourself.   Then you won’t have to compete with another to really know you are a winner in God’s sight.

Soul Cafe opens Saturday , January 10th-here in Ritzville-at 109 W. Main, from 4-9pm. The fantastic band named Salt plays from 5-6pm. Free food and refreshments available. After the band stops playing then you scan watch the Seattle Seahawks football game on a large screen. Go Hawks. Jesus is Lord!

Stay tuned- Pastor John Hunsberger












Soul Cafe Opens Jan 10th

headerimageYes, I’m back with Lift Up Christ.  After a break from  this blog this fall, I’m energized to break out in 2015 with writing that will challenge, inform, and probably tick you off spiritually.

The motivation to get this blog back up has been the Holy Spirit’s faithfulness to me imagesin getting the Soul Cafe up and running full time. The Soul Cafe located at 109 W. Main in Ritzville opens  from 4 to 9 pm on Saturday January 10th.  The Christian band “Salt” will play and refreshments will be served free of charge

So what is it going to be for you in 2015?  Claim this promise in the days ahead: ” No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has conceived the great things God has planned for those who love him ( I Cor. 2: 8-9). See you at the Soul Cafe on the 10th!- Pastor John Hunsberger