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Who are You Dancing With?

Hey remember “Sock-Hops”?  When we teens would dance on the gym floor in our socks!  It was a way to kick back and relax with friends and someone you had a crush on! Well sock hops still happen! In fact Jesus made it to a type of sock hop at the wedding in Cana of Galilee. The issue with a sock hop is who imagesyou end up dancing with. Thinking of metaphors. Who are you dancing with through life?

David Meece’s song :”Dancing with the Enemy” raises this question. The song has words like: It’s on Prime-Time TV and the radio; It’s on magazine covers and the late talk shows; Seems like everybody, everywhere you go is dancing with the enemy. From the Oval Office to the corner store; From New York to London to Singapore; It’s just “Give me this-Give me that-Give me more-“Dancing with the enemy.”

What’s Meece’s point?  Yes God’s world is beautiful but because of sin it is a fallen world. Jesus warned us about ‘The Prince of this World’ (John 12:31; 14:30). Yes this world is wonderful yet there is a very real evil presence that influences ungodly values. To live by values that dishonor God and people (greed, false witness, lust, jealous, and self pride to name just a few) is what it means to dance with the enemy.

So enjoy dancing!  The fox trot, the cha-cha-cha and other dance forms are wonderful. Just be picky as to who you dance with and what you dance about! Dancing with the Stars is a great TV show!

Sunday we finish our Lenten Series: The Son of God-The Life of Jesus in You! Afterwards let’s all enjoy a church potluck dinner!  See ya Sunday- Pastor John and Maureen