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The Real Hot Shots are The Little Tots!

unless-you-change-and-become-like-little-childrenSo who is it that is really important today?  Hello  celebrity whoever you are!  Importance isn’t what you do for others it depends on how much money you’ ve made, or who you had lunch with. Status, worldly wealth and no knows who-this is how the world sizes you up! Yet here comes Jesus!

Jesus is asked-“who is the greatest”? He responds by saying “Unless you become like a child you will not enter the Kingdom of God.” To be great means that we need to show the same honesty, wonder, awe, curiosity, and imagination that little children show.

Who’s the real hot shots?  It’s the tots. Maybe this is why my favorite comic is Dennis the Menace. So Donald Trump- you don’t hold a candle to the real hot shot-who is a little child”.  By the way a reminder here that The Little Learners Christian Preschool Orientation Night is this coming Tuesday night September 1st at 6:30 at the preschool-parents only.

See ya Sunday as our theme is “From Milk to Meat-Getting Back to the Basics of Life”.  See ya Sunday- Pastor John and Maureen!



Got Your Attention? God Hears our Cries!

imagesI can’t help but risk I know what God is thinking. Assuming you can play God and think you know what God is wanting to tell us is even riskier-if not downright stupid. Oh well. I risk to say that God is saying to you and me –“Hell0-anybody home?? Am I getting your attention??? Fires throughout the land so numerous we’ve lost count, low water, sparse crops, people murdered in churches, oil selling at $42 a barrel and yet gouging consumers for $3 plus a gallon and pot growers get more than farmers do for wheat?  Does anything make sense?

We all need God more than ever before!  We all yearn for saving!

This Saturday night I invite all to come to Trinity at 7pm for an informal prayer service. We need to seek God’s face, to ask his mercy and forgiveness and to to admit how much we need God in our lives and moisture for the land so seed will come up for the farmers.

Join me Saturday night 7-7:45-let us seek the God who is faithful to supply our needs.  John and Maureen.

What’s Harder-Giving or Receiving ???

imagesThe Soul Cafe at 109 W. Main in Ritzville is alive and open! It’s a safe gathering place for people of all ages in a Christ centered environment.

What’s harder-giving or receiving?  I think receiving from others is harder. Why? Because when you allow yourself to receive you tell the giver you appreciate this person thinking of you. To receive is at times to admit you and I need help.  Receiving from others means you and I can learn from others? Are you too good to receive from others?  Yes giving is crucial. Yet don’t rob yourself of receiving from others.

imagesThe joy of the Soul Cafe is not I give others-but what others give me from the goodness of their hearts. Be not only a giving but receiving person!

Sunday-after our 9:30 worship we have our annual church picnic in the Ritzville Park, beginning at 11:30.  Love you so in the name of Jesus- John and Maureen


What Weeds Are in You ???

There I was recently on my hands and knees. No, I wasn’t praying but instead pulling weeds out of my backyard garden. Sound familiar? Weeds, can get in the way!  In the way of a field of wheat or in my case sweet corn, squash and tomato plants!  images

You may think about now-weeds aren’t an issue in my life! Think again. Jesus had plenty to say about the danger of weeds or what some Bibles call ‘tares.’ In Matthew 13 Jesus teaches the parable of the Sower and towards the end of the chapter says in verse 25: “But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat and went away.”

Weeds may be attitudes, habits, or hang-ups that prevent you from being the person God wants you to be. Weeds aren’t just in the ground, choking, and stealing water and nutrients from plants.  Weeds also may be in your heart and soul. Weeds are counterfeit and deceptive. They may look pretty, but they really are a distraction.  Distracting you from what’s really important like loving God and people. Weeds  are worthless, and a nuisance. The supernatural evil one plants all kinds of weeds in our minds and hearts. Anger, jealousy, lust, dishonesty, and envy-to name just a few are dangerous weeds. Jerk the weeds out of your life. Get the weeds out of your life before the weeds get you!  Isn’t it interesting that marijuana is called what?  Weed! Watch out for the weeds!

Sunday we have a special treat!  Pastors Bob and Cheryl Fox will be with us discussing mission; as they prepare to leave soon for Niger West Africa.   Your servants for Christ!- John and Maureen