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Be Street Wise to Herod like Bullies!

imagesThe Christmas Story includes bullies. Hello King Herod-Mr. hotshot-the bully of Jerusalem and Judea.

Herod says to the Wise Men:““Go and search carefully for the child. As soon as you find him, report to me, so that I too may go and worship him (Matthew 2:7).” The smooth talking words of a hustler bully.It’s not just what people say, but’s it’s the spirit in which they speak.

How can I make a case for the Wise Men being “on” to Herod’s real motives? These are WISE MEN, not grade school drop outs. They had street smarts; they realized the political slant of Herod’s words. When God revealed they should avoid Herod (Matthew 2:12) this was God affirming what the Wise men earlier questioned about the real King Herod.

To illustrate bullies just visit Facebook. Bullies come in all ages, genders, and hairstyles. Its not a question of whether you will meet a bully-it’s just when and how. Praise God-Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings-bullies were no match for Him.

Remember the Christmas Eve service at 7pm this Thursday-very special.  Marry Christmas-John and Maureen



Jesus Doesn’t Doesn’t Need Awakening!

Merry Christmas-it’s Christmas break and the neighbor kids are playing in the snow. Beautiful.

Have you seen the new Star Wars-The Force Awakens movie? To awaken means that you have been asleep at the job. The Star Wars movies have been kind of asleep since the late 70’s- 1980’s. Hello awakening!images

Do you know that the God of the universe never sleeps, or slumbers or needs “awakening.” God is not asleep at his job of loving, providing for and sustaining you:“He will not let your foot slip–he who watches over you will not slumber; indeed, He will watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep Psalm 121:3-4″

Jesus, the God of the universe in the flesh doesn’t need awakening. I came across this comic which showed a little one watching a nativity scene. The little boy said to his folks-“Hey when are they going to take Jesus out of his car seat?” Oh friend-God as Jesus is out of his car seat from heaven. From Star Wars I say may His Force be with you.  Merry Christmas.

See ya Sunday-Pastor John-Maureen

God Changes Plans-Hopefully Yours!

God changes plans.  The Holy Family Mary-Joseph got engaged  and imagesplanned life. Then God changed their plans. Angel Gabriel declares: 1. Mary you are going to have a baby and it’s not Joseph’s;  2. Mary-this baby you will have is God in the flesh (Luke 1:26-38).

In your go -go; do – do life God’s got a better idea. As much as you think you have got it all planned out-maybe God’s got a bigger plan for you. Allow God and others to interrupt your day! Like Mary and Joseph God wants to bless you. He wants to save you from hurting yourself. Allow Him to help you change your plans.

Will God’s changing your plans make things easier for you? Not always. Trust Him.  Does it mean as you follow Christ you will be popular with everybody? No.  Mary following God’s plan caused gossip and imagesmisunderstanding. Have another you spiritually trust and respect to share with-bounce your questions off of them. Seek God’s face-pray together.

Maybe that gal or guy isn’t the right one for you. Maybe you don’t really need that new tech gadget. Allow God to change your plans!

See you in worship and the Christmas party afterwards. John-Maureen!


Watch Out For the “D” Word!

Hello Christmas movies, favorites like: It’s a Wonderful Life, or Miracle on 34th St, or A Christmas Carol. My Oscar vote goes to imagesHome Alone. Why?

Many believe God  is not around. God for many is way up there wherever. For many God has nothing to do with what happens here on earth.  Many sense we are Home Alone.  Deep in many, maybe you is the gut belief that since God is not involved here it’s all up to me.

O folks- this earth is not our real home. Even better we aren’t Alone! God has come to us in Jesus Christ. All other faiths or religions believe that God is way up there and people have to be good enough, obey rules, and do good works to elevate ourselves up to where God is! Good luck.

imagesWatch out for no no words-like the N word, or the F word, or the S word and this Christmas watch out for the D word-called Deism. Look up the word in the dictionary. God is here-He is involved here on earth. You are not Home alone! Seek Him today and you will find him alive in the Holy Spirit. Praise God.

Be at the Christmas Bazaar tomorrow at the Ritz Grade School and buy goodies in support of The Soul Cafe. Merry Christmas-Your Servants for Christ- Pastor John-Maureen