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Is Identity Found in Christ or Political Correctiveness?

Are you first an american, or european, or latin, or delegate from Africa?images 2 Are you first a liberal or conservative?  Is Christian identity first about gender, sexual understanding, geographical origin, class, politics, or what seminary you did or didn’t attend. Reject all forms of political correctiveness, at the upcoming General Conference of The United Methodist Church, in Portland, Oregon, May 10-20.

imagesTony Campolo was right when he said: “Any time a person’s faith is first based on political ideology that person is in danger of losing his or her soul.”

The difference at General Conference will be between those who give first loyalty to the unchanging Gospel of Jesus Christ and those who are captured first by political ideology and reject the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

What’s imagesChristian identity?  It’s not  based on being PC. Instead it’s found in the tax collector who said, “Have mercy on me O God a sinner.” The United Methodist Church is being reborn. Refined like pure gold. Refined to be more biblically based, upholding the present Book of Discipline, and making disciples of Jesus Christ.  Stay tuned!  A follower of Jesus-John Hunsberger



Poetry in Motion-Value the Non-Verbal!


Last weekend Maureen and I visited Las Vagus where we watched our grandson compete in a regional gymnastics competitionIMG_0683

In a day when tough talk and bravado are popular let us praise God for the nonverbal. People who speak with grace, respect, love, and selflessness-but don’t use words. Someone who opens a door for you; or someone who pays forward your coffee or meal.  Non-verbal messages  are so very powerful.

IMG_0733Kieran, is mastering gymnastic routines at age seven. He was poetry in motion. His body and mind expressed a message of rhythm and grace nonverbally. He placed fifth overall for the seven and eight year olds. Out of twenty gymnastic teams present from all over the western USA his team placed second. Thank you Kieran  for speaking beauty and love for life!  We older people ought to pay more attention to the power of the non-verbal. Kieran-God’s spirit in you was truly a sight to behold. Grandma Mo and Poppa John love you so!

Value the nonverbal powerful messages of God Almighty.

See ya Sunday-for our first Lenten Theme coming out of the movie War-Room. A Christ Follower- John


Which Holy Conferencing Version Will Prevail ???

Welcome back to continued prep talk about the General Conference in Portland, Oregon May 10-20.

The word is APPROACH. How we approach what we do is everything. Whether it’s golf, or marriage, or any thing else-the spirit attitude or approach you take is huge.images

John Wesley-Founder of The United Methodist Church coined what he called “Holy Conferencing.” Holy Conferencing he meant to be a time when two or more seek God’s face in and through the Holy Spirit to discern how God is or isn’t working through lives. Yet this spiritual practice is understood differently. Instead of a spiritual practice it’s being used as a tool to find political consensus in issues where people disagree.

Whose Holy Conferencing version will prevail at General Conference ?

Is your version or approach to Holy Conferencing a biblical view that believes God’s Holy Scripture is unchanging for God in Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, or is your approach that God’s mind isn’t made up and continues to evolve?

Stay tuned.  Pastor John



Who / What is Your Rush?

Its called adrenaline.  It’s physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually being excited. This experience is “Rush.” Who or what is your rush?shutterstock_133657130-900x506

For some it’s a geographical trip or shaking the hand of a celebrity or famous politician, the buzz of coffee, tobacco, a music concert, or using prescription or illegal drugs. For others it’s seeing the kids and grand-kids. Who or what gives you a rush?

I’m mindful here of the Christian band Third Day’s  hit song: “Nothing Compares.” The chorus goes: “Nothing compares to the joy of knowing You Lord.” Who or what is your rush? King David says in imagesPsalm 89:8 “Who is like you, LORD God Almighty? You, LORD, are mighty, and your faithfulness surrounds you.” Yes personally knowing God through Jesus Christ is a fabulous continuous rush. Nothing else compares.

Oh friend daily experience the spiritual high of communicating with God personally. Experience the rush of God’s presence through His Holy Spirit! Experience his filling presence through reading His Holy Word and through prayer!  Nothing compares with this true rush!

Sunday-a special treat-Nabeel Queshri will share how he went from believing in Allah to instead Jesus Christ!

Have a great weekend-Jesus is Lord of Lords!-Pastor John-Maureen



Live With Heart Not Just Your Head!

imagesLive with heart not just your head! Without heart in what you say and do you end up being a bore! Life shouldn’t be ho-hum or just going through the motions.

Your special one doesn’t care how much you know until she or he knows  how much you care. Your degrees, titles, and income, aren’t what make for relationships. Folks could care less about your outer shell until you show your heart through words and deeds.

Jesus Christ shows us how to live with heart. From the street walker, to the solider, to the parent with a deathly sick child, to the banker, to the hustler and revolutionary Jesus loved andimages shows us how to love.

Speaking about heart and unconditional love the Jesus’ follower Paul- says: “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or clanging cymbal.”

In other words-don’t be a ding a ling- live with heart and love and not just your head! Be real!

See you tomorrow. We view the movie War-Room in worship, have a Preschool Valentine’s Program in the afternoon, and have a Valentine’s Dinner party with Charlie Root as entertainer tomorrow night!

Remember  and honor the Christian martyr St. Valentine!

Your fan club member-Pastor John










General Conference: Who Do You Say I Am?

images 62Welcome back to our prep towards the upcoming United Methodist Church General Conference May 10-20 in Portland, Oregon.

In this election year candidates are asked questions; so it is there is one question Christ asks of all General Conference delegates: “Who do you say I am ( Mark 8:29?”

There will be many questions, resolutions, and petitions read, discussed, passed or rejected. The question pre-supposing all others is The Word made Flesh asking: “Do do you say I am?”images

Who is Jesus Christ to you and me? Is Jesus the Son of God-Son of man? Is Jesus a great teacher, or is Jesus a zealot?

As the 800 delegates prep for GC, besides the Bible, what books can prepare one for GC?  I suggest for your reading: “The Politically Incorrect Jesus” by  Joe Battaglia. Make no mistake about it-how delegates personally answer who Jesus Christ is will determine how one speaks and votes at GC.

A prayer worth repeating prior and during GC is the prayer offered by the tax collector in Luke 18:13: “O God have mercy on me a sinner.” Stay tuned.  See ya Sunday as we celebrate the Holy Sacrament of Holy Communion.

Pastor John Hunsberger

Blame No-Solutions Yes!

imagesTis the political season for blame. It’s easy to say what’s wrong but finding a solution takes far more  courage. Whether its your marriage, or a work situation, or maybe you’re retired;  blame is  part of human nature. Didn’t Adam blame Eve?  Pointing a finger is  easy; in fact it’s popular to blame God.

Blame requires no commitment, no involvement, no deep soul searching. Habitual blamers rarely have thought out solutions; and think they know better than the actual person going through the dilemma. It’s so much easier to tell others what to do than to actually get involved in  helping another work through something.

When tempted to blame God or another remember that Jesus Christ has experienced every thing you and I will experience :“for we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way just as we are-yet he was without sin (Hebrews 4:15).” 

Be creative. Find the solution. How do we do that? By finding Christ and imageshow he dealt with the same dilemma you are going through!  Cheers. Don’t blame-be part of the solution.

See ya Sunday!  Your servants for Christ-John and Maureen