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Toby Understands Wine Skins!

imagesRecently with 10,000 others at the Toyota Center in Kennewick, I took in Toby Mac’s Deep Tour.

Mac’s  music is gumbo: a mix of hip-hop, R&B, southern gospel, rock-roll, funk, rap and Reggae.

What does his music have to do with you?  It has to with creativity. Creativity isn’t about  your age as much as it is having a curious mind and an open heart to God’s living presence. Music is like life-it’s always changing but staying the same. The outer wrapper of music changes but the way music touches our souls remains the same.

imagesCreativity and music are like wine skins: “And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the wine will burst the skins–and the wine is destroyed, and so are the skins. But new wine is for fresh wineskins (Mark 2:22).” The Gospel of Jesus Christ is unchanging like wine; yet how it is served can take new forms.

Like Toby Mac be ever open to the new forms, or changes by which God wants to communicate His unchanging love to you.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy the surprise of this Sunday’s worship.  Pastor John and Maureen.



Pass by the Fear of Passing Away!

Each day you do it and someone does it to you. Some one passes you by. It happens as you walk or as you drive. Being passed by happens accidentally or on purpose.

This Easter weekend pass on the fear of passing awayimages Why is it we are so uncomfortable with saying one has died? Instead we say: Oh he or she just “passed away.”

Thanks to Jesus’ Resurrection we shouldn’t pass by the word death. Jesus is clear:”I am the Resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die (John 11:25).”

imagesBe comfortable with your own death. Because of your belief in Jesus Christ realize that the same power that raised Him from the dead will raise you to new life. Pass on the fear of passing away!

See ya Sunday. Trinity men will be serving a free breakfast from 9am to 10 am Sunday!  Pastor John-Maureen

Do you Shop for Your Soul?

imagesShopping is contagious. My soul mate knows that if I’m with her at a dress shop-I get the same amount of time in a motorcycle store!-ha!  The metaphor of shopping points us to the truth today that everything’s for sale. Politics, groceries, the name of your favorite stadium are all for sale or probably already sold.

Jesus reminds us:”Take heed and beware of covetousness, for a man’s life consists not in the abundance of the things which he possesses (Luke 12:15).” Or the shopping tip that should be a wake up call is: “for what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul (Mark 8:36)?”

We all have a hole deep within; a hole seeking that which truly satisfies;images shopping for meaning and purpose. Shopping ultimately is our looking for God. We all are looking to find or fulfill our deepest desire which is to find a Savior.  From one fad to another is the story of many lives. Shopping we discover,really is looking for what is already free.  Christ has already paid the price! It’s a believing relationship in Christ as Savior that truly satisfies.

See ya Sunday!- Pastor John and Maureen

Selective Accountability ???

Accountability is a fact of life. Balancing a check book, doing the dentist, looking at child’s report card, are about accountability.images

As the world  United Methodist Church gathering in Portland, Oregon May 10-20 approaches-petitions calling the Council of Bishops to accountability are getting attention.

Why these petitions? Because ‘some‘ bishops aren’t following through on the dictates found in our Book of Discipline.

Glenn Greenwalt in 2011 published a interesting book: “With Liberty and Justice for Some”. His premise is that the law only seems to apply to some people and not all the people. Selective accountability is also an issue in the church.

The Council of Bishops has their own petition calling for the Bishops to be held accountable. Why would the Bishops do this? Could it be that other petitions are tougher in calling for consequences when Bishops don’t abide by The Book of Discipline?

imagesTomorrow is Palm Sunday. Jesus rode into Jerusalem to give notice. Notice of accountability. A notice that this is first God’s world and not Satan’s. Jesus called Satan the ‘prince of this world'(John 14:40). May we all hold ourselves accountable first to the ways of God and not the ways of this world.

Tomorrow’s theme in worship-from the move War-Room has to do with  the power Jesus gives to overcome the power of evil!

See ya- Pastor John and Maureen











Those Who Remember Roots Bear Fruit!

Today life looks the same.  If you’ve seen one SUV or van you’ve seen imagesthem all. Fast food outlets, even haircuts seem the same.

Consider Deaconess and Sacred Heart Hospitals in Spokane, Washington: started by Methodists & Catholics. Both hospitals. Yet there is a difference.

Walking into Deaconess one sees no spiritual symbols, no Christian art, or mission statement. No noticeable chapel, no crosses in the patient’s rooms. Nothing to remind us that Deaconess was started by Methodists who had a passion for lifting up Jesus Christ.  In the process of getting getting bought by a secular corporation someone decided to downgrade spiritual signs. Contrast this with Sacred Heart.

Walking into Sacred Heart a large portrait of Christ is behind the info desk. Their chapel is noticeable as you walk from the entry. Photos of  nuns are on the hallway walls. Getting in an elevator you see a mission statement that actually mentions Jesus Christ and God’s love for people. Each floor has statues of Christ, and these crosses are in each room and IMG_3670hallway.

In the interest of being in fashion don’t lose your spiritual roots. Be yourself, show the living Christ within you! Those who remember their spiritual roots are those who bear spiritual fruits.

See ya Sunday!  Pastor John -Maureen





Watch Out For Game Playing !

Game playing isn’t just playing sports, video games or monopoly-it’s life.

People who don’t get their way through Robert’s Rules of Order, or by a vote-often try to get their way by ‘game playing’. We see it in politics, imagesbusiness and interpersonal relations. Misdirection, bribery, bait and switch, name calling, misinformation, politically motivated audits and covert actions  to assassinate are the game playing in governments. Game playing isn’t about right or wrong  or truth but  about power.  Remember Watergate.

Jesus was straightforward,  but the Pharisees  game played Him, via word traps, illegal trials, false witness, manipulation and even the Cross.

imagesIncreasingly the world United Methodist Church is orthodox in its belief about Christ and His Life Giving Gospel. At General Conference in Portland, May 10-20 the votes will not be there for the Progressive viewpoint on certain petitions. Progressives know this and here is where the ‘Game Playing’ will be something to watch for. Attempting to change the rules to gain advantage, bypassing protocol with the permission of some strategically placed bishops, stacking the chair of the General Board of Discipleship are versions of ‘game playing.’

Stay tuned!   See ya Sunday in worship. A Servant for Jesus the Christ-John Hunsberger

Is it Onward or Backward Christian Soliders ???

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Are You a Throw-A-Way ???

We are a throw-a-way society. Out walking I noticed many bottles images imagesand cans laying along the road.

Commercials teach us consumption. If not careful we see people as consumables. We take what they offer and then we toss them out of our lives. Oops and ouch.

Do you see people as Jesus sees people or do you see people who are different as throw away? Jesus’ word is:”so in everything do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 7:12). You may be a throw-a-way in the sight of others-but never in the sight of Jesus.

Come join our informal worship Sunday as we continue to reflect on the power of prayer-through words of Jesus and the movie War-Room!

See ya Sunday-your servant for Christ-John