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How About a Spirit Make-Over ???

E. Stanley Jones once said: “If we don’t have that within us, which lies over us, we give in to that which is around us.”

Where does the strength come from that you and I need each day?  Is it from our brains, muscles, or heart?  No it’s only from God’s Holy Spirit! images

My favorite art is Michelangelo’s painting of creation showing God, pointing down from heaven with Adam’s finger pointing up. When we allow God’s Spirit to touch our Spirit we are touched and transformed in a way no one else can.

imagesThe General Conference of the United Methodist Church meets May 10-20th in Portland. May the Holy Spirit so touch the spirits of those in attendance that we all will center on wanting to make disciples for Jesus the Christ.

See you Sunday as we celebrate Pentecost and enjoy a Potluck afterwards, with cake for all. Bring hot dishes and salads.    Thanks-Pastor John-Maureen




Using versus a Real relationship!

imagesWelcome to the age of ‘USING‘. If we aren’t careful we treat things as people and people as things.  We use people for what we want and then we aren’t interested in them anymore.

Ten lepers appear before Jesus. He heals them. How many thanked Jesus?  Uno, one. The real trouble wasn’t leprosy –it was their hard hearts. The nine were superficial users.  Mr Uno who returned to thank Jesus was interested in much more than using Jesus. He was interested in a relationship with Jesus.

Which kind are you?  Are you simply a user or do you show a real interest in a relationshipship?

Like Jesus, as you and I reach out to others who are hurting-don’t be imagesdiscouraged because people may use you. Don’t be discouraged because someone refuses to receive God’s love. Loving people unconditionally is its own reward. I like what a Jesus follower named Paul had to say: “Now faith, hope, love these three remain. But the greatest of these is love (I Cor. 13:13).”

Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. Bring a salad or hot dish to share in a after worship potluck. Cake is provided to all.

See you Sunday- You all are loved, appreciated, valued, and respected

Pastor John and Maureen

Princes Go-One Prince Remains!

I join millions in giving tribute to the music giant-‘Prince’, who died imagesearlier this week. He was a music genius and innovator so ahead of his time. His movie ‘Purple Rain’ and songs: ‘Red Corvette’ and ‘Controversy’ were my favorites.

Princes of this earth come and go, yet “The Prince of Peace” (Isaiah 9:6) is alive and well. No one has impacted this world more than Jesus Christ.  More music, art, law, books, colleges, universities, hospitals, social work institutions, have come about because of the influence of Christ. The music of prince, certainly has influenced many today. Yet put things into perspective. Now because of the living risen Jesus Christ over three billion people call themselves ‘Christians.’

imagesSo what do we say? We say: Thank you O Heavenly Father, creator of all for gift of the musician born Prince Rogers Nelson. Thank you even more for the prince of peace, your Son Jesus Christ, not only a prince but also The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

See you tomorrow as we celebrate the Risen Christ and the Holy Sacrament.

Pastor John and Maureen





Let God’s Dream Chase You Down!

imagesWhat dream are you living for? Discover and chase God’s dream in you. It will energize you like nothing else. Say hi with me to Dustin.

I met Dustin 5 years ago here in Ritzville. As a teenager he and I talked and prayed about his God given dream. After high school graduation, he worked various jobs, and then his dream turned into wanting to be a long haul trucker. He and I have kept in touch through the Soul Cafe. He recently graduated from a top rate truck driving course and has full IMG_1048accreditation with his own company truck.  He just called me. He’s back in Ritzville for a couple of days off.  Dustin gives the credit to achieving this dream at the age of 21 to his relationship with Jesus Christ. He was in worship Sunday April 17th and told his wonderful story.

What a rush to see someone you care about achieve a God given dream.

Paul got it right in I Cor. 2:8-9-: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has conceived the great things God has for those who love him.”

Let God’s dream chase you down!  See ya Sunday-Pastor John-Maureen.

Caesar, Jesus, and Advocating for Ritzville

Jesus met with the political and religious establishment of his day!  So you and I need to as well!images

Last Tuesday other pastors and I sat down with Adams County Commissioner John Marshall.  We asked questions and he did a good job in communicating a ton of info.  This is what I heard our commissioner say:

1. Ritzville makes up 40% of Adams County population; so therefore he has no trouble demanding that we receive 40% of the resource help;

2.For mental health needs he advised calling New Hope Mental health;

3. There are no  recreational marijuana stores open for business in Adams country, but he mentioned there now are two registered marijuana growers in Adams county.

imagesThank you John Marshall for being an advocate for us who live in Ritzville.

What’s cool here is to realize we have another even more important advocate for each of us. One who represents us and know us inside out. Hebrews 7:2 shows us a Christ who represents us before our heavenly father:“Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them.”

See you tomorrow-a really special worship service, with a special Ritzville guest.  God Bless- Pastor John and Maureen



The Best is Yet to Come…

Maureen and I so want to thank our sisters and brothers in Christ from Trinity for the last week off just enjoying each other, past friends, and working on our eventual retirement home and  grounds. I found this Bambi eating Maureen’s flowers this morningIMG_1037.

Hey Trinity Men-breakfast at the church this Saturday-8am-bring something to share.

Trinity Congregation,this Sunday we finish the War Room Movie Discussion about the power of a Holy Spirit inspired prayer life.  Like John Wesley we believe thanks to our living Lord Jesus Christ…the best is yet to come. See ya Sunday!

John and Maureen

A ‘Boomstick’ Hit Movie Worth Your Seeing!

imagesHello from the Washington coast during a short time off.  Maureen and I went to Astoria yesterday and saw the movie: “God is Not Dead 2”.

To critique the movie is to say “It’s a boomstick movie.” Boomstick is imageswhen Seattle Mariner’s hitter Cruz uses his bat to hit home runs. So this movie is a boomstick movie. It is a great hit just like the original God is Not Dead film.

To describe this film is to simply say it shows us how to publicly defend and stand up for Jesus Christ.

The government has no right to deny any american citizen the God given right to defend one’s belief in Christ. Freedom of worship is just that. The right to relate Christ to our everyday lives.

See ya Sunday-when we finish our discussion on the excellent movie  War Room.

Pastor John-Maureen