What Are You Seeing? GC 2016

imagesYears ago I asked a parishioner: “Grace what kind of people do you have here in this town?”  She replied, “Sonny, what kind of people are you looking for?”.

What do you see? The good, the bad, or the ugly.  What you look for is where you end up.

In General Conference 2016 I love what I see: personal holiness, social justice, an emphasis on making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

What’s beautiful?: 1. There is no other Church in the world that includes as many people groups, races, and cultures.  2. Like all families at times we have different points of view; 3. Unlike many families and churches there is nothing the United Methodist Church won’t talk about. Many churches  won’t even recognize, or  have the  openness to discuss certain difficult topics.

Trivia petitions right now. No disrespect meant. Had lunch with Steve and Ann Swannack, visiting from St. John.

Just had a great conversation with a major official of our Pacific Northwest annual. I asked him questions and he was very open with me. The blessed Holy Spirit is at work. My energy and spirit are recharged.

Stay tuned-John





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