Monthly Archives: September, 2016

Revival-At Rural Downtown Workshop!

A favorite songs goes: Revive us again, fill each heart with your love, may each soul be re-kindled with fire from above.”

Yesterday I heard about anothimageser revival, by attending the local Revive Rural Downtown Workshop here in Ritzville put on by the Adams Country Economic Development Council.

Attending this conference (which continues all day today) has given me a fresh appreciation for the rural church. I met and visited with RJ Keetch, son of Diane and the late Ralph Keetch, and visited with conference attendees who came by the Soul Cafe for a tour.  State Representative Mary Dye, was one of the visitors at the Soul Cafe and weimages had a wonderful chat about the Marijuana craze throughout Washington State.

Today is full of interesting workshops.

God is on The MOVE in all kinds of interesting out of the box ways.

Are you daily being revived in your faith in Jesus Christ?  Positive interesting change is taking place in the Ritzville downtown.

See ya Sunday.   We continue the interesting Sunday School theme-“Seeking Allah-Finding Jesus” with Nabeel Qureshi at 9:30am, along with our spiritual quest in worship-“Learning to Love People like Jesus-at 10:30.

May the Lord revive us all-  Pastor John and Maureen


Hello–the ugly, the unhealthy Transformed!

We see them everywhere. Just when you thought you’d never see them again, there they are.  Usually white, usually filtered.  Always a nuisance. Small trash. Very unsightly. Like plastic garbage bags they never breakimages down. Hello cigarette butts.

Just like we ask pet owners upon taking their pets for a walk, to pick up after the pet, so we ought to find a way to encourage smokers to pick up after smoking  a cigarette. At least the unfiltered cigarettes will break down, but it is rare to see an unfiltered cigarette butt today. Let’s hope that business doesn’t start filtering marijuana cigarettes.

imagesWhat’s the answer? Transformation.  Maybe someone will find a way to transform, or recycle something unsightly like a cigarette butt into something beautiful and useful.  Isn’t this what God can do with each of us: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away, behold, the new has come (2 Cor. 5:17).”

Rally Day-is tomorrow with breakfast served beginning at 9:30 am for all in the social hall.  Reaffirmation of wedding vows, during worship, and baptisms in the afternoon.  Be part of the fun tomorrow!

Your servants for Christ- John and Maureen!






Find the Blue Ribbon Love Exhibit

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  I invite you to attend the Wheatland Fair at the Ritz Fairgrounds this weekend.images

With all the farm animals, produce, hand made quilts, -I ask you-where do we find the blue ribbon exhibit to “LOVE”?

This is my way of inviting you to a series of messages-discussions about what it means to “LOVE” like Jesus-beginning this Sunday!

Want to remind you that tomorrow Saturday-Sept 3-there will be a special Labor Day weekend breakfast at The Soul Cafe-beginning at 8am. Breakfast burritos, biscuits and gravy and other goodies will be available!

See ya Sunday- Pastor John and Maureen!