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Harvest Party at Soul Cafe This Afternoon!

images Life is scary  naturally. Cancer, war, poverty, being homeless, having out of control bills, auto-motorcyle-plane accidents, you name it. Halloween!

What is positive about dressing up like a devil, or vampire, or zombie, or like the popular television series: “The Walking Dead.?”

Recently I visited with a family and spoke to a kindergarden age boy-asking him: “Does anything scare you” -seeing the Halloween poster behind him on the inside kitchen door. He said: “Zombies.” Oh wow.

imagesOh friend run to life not from it. It may be trendy to emphasize what scares us-but we are made to celebrate and affirm not to delight in the feeling of horror.

Come be part of a positive “Harvest Party” with all kinds of goodies and games, at the Soul Cafe, 109 W. Main today, from 4 to 6pm.

Run to life-to the true supernatural one-Jesus Christ.

See ya tonight-John and Maureen



Like ML Are You a Righteous Rebel ???

This weekend is the 499th anniversary of a famous event, and a special man.

imagesMartin Luther, on October 31, 1517, nailed a sheet of paper containing 95 theses on the front door of the Roman Catholic church in Whittenberg, Germany

Luther believed the Roman Catholic church of his day had become corrupted by indulgences. An indulgence was a written  declaration, sold by priests to the common people, saying that in exchange for a certain amount of money this declaration would forgive people of their sins. Luther believed this cheapened the meaning behind Jesus Christ’s atoning death. Luther nailed these ninety five concerns he had about the spiritual leadership in the church of his day. He never envisioned what his protest would unleash. He unleashed “The Protestant Reformation.”images

What like Luther should we protest today? How about the accepted cultural belief that all faiths lead to heaven; how about those who believe they are self righteous or those who believe in works righteousness?

Anybody can gripe and be against something.  Like Luther protest as a sign for who and what YOU STAND FOR! Like ML are you a righteous rebel ???

See ya Sunday- Pastor John and Maureen!


Who Sponsors You ???

imagesRegardless of who you are, your race, your economic status, your culture, your education level and other variables-we have one thing in common-we all have had a sponsor. Someone who went before us and believed in us. A sponsor. Some one or some company that helped us get this far.

Who has sponsored you?

In fact during this political season the question with all the money in politics is-who sponsors who?

Who are you sponsoring?  Who are you behind?  Who are you willing to publicly support for anything? Who are you willing to mentor?

What you believe is based on who you believe? Jesus was sponsored by imagesJohn the Baptist.  He knew who Jesus was: “Behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world.”

Who sponsors you?

See ya Sunday.  Your Servants for Christ-Pastor John & Maureen

See the Supernatural!

On the third floor of Providence Hospital (formerly Sacred Heart Hospital) in Spokane, WA is the Children’s floor. I had  just come out from visiting a seven year old girl (and mother) with serious medical issues and saw a Christian shrine.

I pulled out my I phone and took this photo. Look closely. What do you see?img_0339

Light is shining through the nearby closed window. Wow.  Look closely. I was startled to see beautiful colored light beams shining through and upon the Madonna and Child.

Sometimes there is so much more to see then we see. When we rely first on God and not ourselves-we can see with “eyes of faith” and see so much more of God’s beauty.

See what you can’t see!  God is always before you and behind you.  See what you initially can’t see. See the supernatural.

See you Sunday with special worship, followed by a potluck dinner, and then a leadership conversation.

Your Servants-Pastor John and Maureen

Look Out for that Flu Called…Hurry!

Each fall comes a new type of crud or flu. So also there is a spiritual flu. images What’s it called?  Hurry.

Hurry diminishes our ability to love. Hurried people cannot love because they are always in a hurry. Jesus puts it this way: “Can any one of you add as single hour to your life (Matt 6:27)?” Hurry, which is a cousin of worry is a virus, or flu strain that robs you of patience.  Yes, there’s a time to speed up (without getting a speeding ticket), but if we aren’t careful then worry causes hurry and hurry gets in the way of us loving our children, spouseever-noticejesus-never-seemed-to-hurry, or our neighbor.

If we are to follow Jesus, we must ruthlessly eliminate hurry from our lives-because by definition, we can’t move faster than the one we are following.

See ya Sunday-as we look at the toughest part of what it means to love like Jesus-that is loving those who dislike us or even see us a enemy.

Watch out for the flu-especially the spirit type called hurry!- Your servants John and Maureen