Monthly Archives: December, 2016

Jesus Comes – Not On a Drone!

imagesJust had an awesome Christmas Eve Service-full of families with children, via meeting us through The Soul Cafe!

As we celebrate Jesus’ birth-we behold the Star. A special star led everyone to the King of Kings-Jesus. Speaking of stars, I read an article on the gift under many people’s trees. The gift is called a flying drone.  The article in the Spokesman review today mentioned that the number of flying drones in the air has doubled since last Christmas.  So as we look to the skies, as we look to the stars-duck-for the sky has all kinds of stars-even drones with lights.  Jesus thank God, comes to us, not imagesvia a drone.

I also call to your attention those in our community who need your prayers: Michelle Collins, who fell and seriously injured her shoulder, Andy Schaal’s dad will be receiving attention for his heart with a possible stent,  Arden Stevens (Melody Bartlett’s mother) continues to recover, special prayers for Tom Lyle who is suffering from numerous seizures, and Peggy Whitman and Ruth Telecky residents at East Adams Life Care!

Praise God- God comes not via a drone-but in the power of God’s Spirit.  Merry Christmas Jesus-Merry Christmas to you and yours.  Pastor John-Maureen