Special Thanks to Soul Cafe Alcohol Drug Forums

News, news, news. It’s important to be educated intellectually and spiritually.

With all the emphasis on how different people are-due to race, economics, sexual orientation, and politics, isn’t it great to know how God emphasizes what we all have in common?

We all have the same God who physically created us and gave us life. We all have struggles in our earthly lives.  But praise God-there also are answers, solutions, and  God’s transformation.

Special thanks to all those in took part in the recently concluded five continuous weeks of a community forum on “Alcohol and Drugs”. The law enforcement officials, the medical panel, the school officials, those who spoke from the recovery aspect, and finally the excellent presentation put on by the Grant/Adams County Interagency Narcotics Enforcement Task Force all helped us to be informed about what’s happening with the Alcohol Drug scene in our community.  First thanks goes to God’s Holy Spirit-which guided our five weeks of important conversation.

So, with God’s Holy Scriptures in one hand and the newspapers of all persuasions in the other hand-let’s continually be informed.  Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and literally Our Life (John 14:6).

See ya Sunday!-Pastor John and Maureen





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