Monthly Archives: June, 2017

Fertilize Spiritually!

My garden needs help. I haven’t been putting enough nutrients back into the soil so to have a good garden crop.   So I have started a compost pile so to help fertilize the soil.  So it is with us spiritually.

Put nutrients back into the soil of your soul? Too often we may feel stuck like we are plateauing out. Too often boredom may come our way. What’s the answer? Fertilize spiritually.  Consider:

1. John Piper’s book: How to Read the Bible Supernaturally. An excellent read. Reading is key to your spiritually moving forward with new insights. Piper writes short and crisp sentences, full of meaning and spiritual insights that will increase your love for Christ;

2. Pay attention to a relatively new Christian singer: Lauren Daigle and her CD-How Can it Be? She has great pipes and her songs are poetry in motion, full of creative language that will so bless your inner life.

So what will your garden with God’s help produce this summer?  Maybe tomatoes, sweet corn, and leafy greens?  Better yet enjoy new fruits of the Spirit by fertilizing spiritually-through new reads and music.

Remember worship tomorrow at 9:30 am- Pastor John