Preacher? Really?

There’s a  show  called: “Preacher” on the AMC channel Monday nights.

This preacher doesn’t know God. He’s on a journey to find God. Talk about upside down. I thought preachers were those males or females who first came to know God and then became preachers;

This preacher tells people that God has left this world.

This “Preacher” says his power rivals that of God.

We live in a day of make your own religion.  Take a few beatitudes, some horoscope, some Hare Krishna,  a tarot card, some Jesus and mix it all together  and bingo-you have a new religion. I met a woman the other day who told me of the “Jedi Religion” a spinoff from  the Star Wars Movies.

I became a believer in God through Jesus Christ and then became a Pastor-preacher; 2. God is here on earth now in the living Jesus Christ; 3. Christ comforts-instructs through The Holy Spirit.

If you are a fan of this show I would respectfully like to hear from you about what you find in this show. No judgment.

See you in worship- Pastor-Preacher John





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