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Lessons from Harvest 2017 and Wheaties !

What did the Spirit reveal in my visiting and talking with farmers during harvest 2017 ?

1.) It ought to be a national law that all young people 15 and under live and work on a farm for a full year learning how to work and valuing interdependence. Youngsters need to learn how to be part of a team that depends on each person pulling their own weight toward a common goal like getting a crop in;

2.) Through work we learn the value of money. Why is it that so many are in bad credit card debt? Wow-learning the difference between need and want is crucial. To work on a farm is the best vaccine against developing an entitlement complex-thinking that everybody owes me;

3.   Isn’t it time that the Wheaties  had a wheat farmer on its cereal front cover? Yes football, or baseball players can be role models. Yet I nominate a farmer for the cover. I nominate farmer Andy Schall.

See you Sunday!  Pastor John-Maureen

Is it Co-operation or Competition ???

Talk is cheap. People can talk nice to you to your face but behind your back it’s different. People talk about love-but in reality what at times comes out is a  spirit of competition that is very self centered. People can be so insecure about what they believe that any one who is different is seen as a threat-and ostracized because they  are judged as not being a “team player.”

So what’s it with you?  Your life?  Your present?  Your future?  Are you filled with competition or co-operation? Think of your marriage, your job, or how you relate to others.

If only people could  co-operate instead of be centered on competition.  This is how we see the human body work: -co-operation not competition.

Competition stresses winning over losing.  Yet co-operation emphasizes  that everyone can contribute to the project and that we can do more together than just as lone rangers.

Church picnic in the Ritz Park after worship-this Sunday at 11:30am.

Stay cool- Pastor John and Maureen

No One Can Outlove Jesus’ Believers!

We live in a competitive world. Competition is what business and sports are about. The team that scores the most always wins. People compete against each other in all kinds of ways.

Into this competitive world has come Jesus and His local church. Who is the Church of Jesus Christ?  It’s people like you and me and not some building. People who are unashamed to admit and commit to the way, the truth and the life who is Jesus! People who are broken and imperfect, but beautiful, all because of what?  The love of Jesus Christ.

Think of Ritzville.  No one feeds people more, no one attends to people in jail more, no more loves people in our area hospital or care centers more, no one cares for the hungry-needy who come through town more than the followers of Jesus. No one can out love the people of Jesus Christ.

John, tells us: “Greater is He who is in you, than he that is in the world (I John 4:4).” Its Jesus in you that is the hope of the world. The local church outloves!

See ya Sunday- Pastor John