Is it Co-operation or Competition ???

Talk is cheap. People can talk nice to you to your face but behind your back it’s different. People talk about love-but in reality what at times comes out is a  spirit of competition that is very self centered. People can be so insecure about what they believe that any one who is different is seen as a threat-and ostracized because they  are judged as not being a “team player.”

So what’s it with you?  Your life?  Your present?  Your future?  Are you filled with competition or co-operation? Think of your marriage, your job, or how you relate to others.

If only people could  co-operate instead of be centered on competition.  This is how we see the human body work: -co-operation not competition.

Competition stresses winning over losing.  Yet co-operation emphasizes  that everyone can contribute to the project and that we can do more together than just as lone rangers.

Church picnic in the Ritz Park after worship-this Sunday at 11:30am.

Stay cool- Pastor John and Maureen


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