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Thank you Jesus For The Soul Cafe!

I praise God for how The Great I AM used the former Soul Cafe location to be a beacon for HIM.  From January 10, 2013 to Sept 29, 2017-what a ride?  What an awesome way of reaching out to people, engaging them on the street level. Praise God for the hundreds of people engaged and the spiritual bridge built to Trinity United Methodist.

Special thanks to Valerie Eckley and Sisay for allowing the Soul Cafe to use  their building for God’s glory.

For various reasons it wasn’t meant that The Soul Cafe could co-exist with the new owner.  The Soul Cafe board will be meeting soon to determine what the next steps need to be in this ministry. I’m reminded of the song:”To God be the glory-great things He has done”-which so describes for me the goodness of the Soul Cafe Ministry.

More info coming.  Pastor John Hunsberger


No Near Death Experiences in the Bible-No $17.95

Near death experiences have made  it into books and movies. Don Piper’s-Ninety Minutes in Heaven , Bill Wiese’s  Twenty Three Minutes in Hell  and Bob Burpo’s Heaven is for Real, are reported experiences. What are we to believe?

Take your cue from the Bible. The Bible is clear-near death is not death.  Lazarus died, Jesus died, and Paul-even though blinded by a great light-didn’t experience a near DEATH.

We all are curious as to what heaven is like?  Yet Lazarus, Jesus and Paul don’t talk about near death experiences.

If we say the ultimate authority for our faith is first the authority of Holy Scripture- and not one person here or there then the Bible is ultimately our guide. If not the Bible, then who is the expert?

Seeing a glorious light does’t by itself guarantee that you have experienced heaven. I conclude near death experiences can’t be supported in Holy Scripture. With respectful disagreement for all near death story tellers. Save yourself $17.95 for the book or Hollywood drama for $10.50.

Join me  Sunday at 9:30 as we tackle another tough issue-“What does the Bible say about suicide? ”

Another continuous learner like you-Pastor John

Why Feel Like a Wimp As a Believer?

Our hearts and prayers are with the recent hurricane Harvey and Irma victims, whose electrical power won’t be back on for quite a while. Even though I live in Washington State and can’t physically reach out to help you-I do in Jesus name pray for those who are and will be helping you.

What’s really said is that even for us who do have access to power-we don’t use it.  No, I’m not referring here to electrical power-but instead God’s spiritual power in Jesus’ name.

How easy it is to go through life so weak and whimpy. We complain about this or that, or we feel so insignificant or spiritually weak and fatigued.  It doesn’t have to be this way,

Instead as believers in Jesus Christ-we can draw upon spiritual power available in Jesus’ name.  Jesus says to you:”I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you (Luke 10:19).”

So, know dear brother or sister in Christ, you don’t have to feel like a wimp as a believer.  Access God’s power through the name and shed blood of Jesus Christ.

See ya Sunday-Pastor John-Maureen

Will You Be Saved by the “Tick”?

We all have looked to a super-hero. The Lone Ranger, or Superman, Superwoman, Batman and Robin or Captain America.  Who’s the latest hero from the comics come to life? It’s the Tick! No joke. Google the Tick and see what you find.

I don’t know about you-but my guess is that we all desire a Savior who already has been through what we may face.  The Tick or Superman or Batman serve a fantasy  Hollywood need-but that’s where reality ends.

Jesus is for real. He has already faced and gone through any storm, trial, or persecution we may face.  We can be comforted in that as Paul says who saw Jesus: “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin (Heb. 4:15)”.

The victims of hurricane harvey and Irma all need a real savior and superhero. We have one.  His name is Jesus Christ. Is HE the King of the Universe your superhero?  Receive Him today.

See ya Sunday- Pastor John and Maureen