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Hurricane Headed Towards The United Methodist Church!

Our hearts go out to the recent victims of hurricanes in Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico.

Another hurricane, category five is gaining strength.  This is a hurricane within the United Methodist Church and its thirteen million members.

There is a growing disagreement over who Jesus Christ really is, the authority of Holy Scripture and the obeying of The Book of Discipline. Over the last many years Bishops and various Pastors have gone against Holy Scripture and the Book of Discipline. Those in authority have refused to discipline those who mock and openly violate our covenants.

This hurricane will fully hit on February 23-26, 2019 in St. Louis.  At this General Conference there will either be reconciliation or a split.  I believe the United Methodist Church will follow in the footsteps of The Episcopalian, Presbyterian Church USA, and The Evangelical Lutheran Church, and split. This will absolutely effect all 33,000 congregations around the world.

So, let us further discuss more in depth what the issues are that are driving The United Methodist Church to split.  I would be very interested in what you perceive the issues to be that are driving this disagreement.  Send your feedback to

See ya Sunday. Pastor John-Maureen





Hustling Run Amok! God Save us All!

With the record killing and wounding at Las Vegas Oct 1st-we all need a time out!  Here’s what comes to me.

Hustling is a life style, which comes out of our sinful nature. Hustling is taking advantage of others how ever one can. People who tell you what you want to hear.  Some youngsters are developing hustlers who know how to push your buttons. Society promotes hustling in business, culture, and thru media.

Hustlers don’t believe in boundaries and moral absolutes.  A hustler’s self image is all illusion and fantasy. They live in make believe. They don’t know what a real honest relationship is.

All hustlers end up hustling themselves. After a while really can’t tell the difference between reality and the total fantasy life they live.

What terrible fantasy did Paddock live out in killing and hurting so many?

Recognize and listen to your God given conscience-come to know Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior and love your neighbor as yourself.

Paddock,  was a sophisticated hustler. Animals kill what they need to survive. Humans like Paddock kill for the thrill of it.  How sick. Continue to pray for the victims families.  Watch out for developing hustlers!

See ya Sunday!

Pastor John and Maureen