Reduce the Glaze Not Jesus Christ !

    So Happy Thanks-living!

Cooking includes reduction. In cooking, reduction is the process of thickening and intensifying the flavor of a liquid mixture such as a soup, sauce, wine, or juice by simmering or boiling.

Reduction also happens spirituality. Reductionism is taking a certain half truth  and neglecting the larger truth of which this certain truth is only a part. Then the party involved base their whole view of life around this part of the truth. This is how all cults come into being. Oops, ouch and dangerous.

Some reduce the Gospel to social justice neglecting personal salvation. Others reduce faith in Jesus, to personal holiness neglecting social justice. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is both.

While in cooking-reducing intensifies the flavor; it’s just the opposite spiritually.  Spiritual reductionism leaves a puny, watered down Jesus Christ.

Reduce the orange glaze, not Jesus Christ, for the time is coming when“every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father (Phil 2:9-11.)” 

Sunday after worship we begin decorating  the sanctuary for the season of Advent-Christmas. Bring a dish to help share for lunch as we decorate.  See you Sunday.  Pastor John-Maureen.



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