Bullycide-Needs to be Challenged!

Bullying-whether it’s physical or emotional needs to be challenged. Jesus challenged bullying in his day in numerous ways!

How do you know your child or grandchild is being bullied? First-they withdraw from life and their usual habit patterns; Secondly-this child or adult will change their eating patterns that after a while is really noticeable; Thirdly-they are more frequently depressed than usual.

Suicide is the third highest killer of youngsters 10-18 and bullying is so prevalent today that it’s being called “Bullycide.” What we need to realize is that verbal assaults and vicious put-downs need to seen just as damaging as physical taunts and assaults. If you detect bullying and it is happening on public school grounds then challenge the incident and report it in writing to school administrators.

Come spring I hope to have a community forum taking place on abuse and bullying will definitely be one aspect we will deal address.

So-enjoy the cultural hoop-la called Superbowl-and hope to see you in worship tomorrow. Pastor John-Maureen


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