Leonard Sweet’s New Spiritual Insight-Great Book!

I assume you might, just might have an interest in the greatest guy around by the name of Jesus.

If you have any kind of interest or love for Jesus-then Leonard Sweet is your guy. Leonard, over the years has written more interesting books on Jesus then anyone I know. So Sweet’s done it again-named: The Bad Habits of Jesus-How to Live Right in a World Gone Wrong.” Leonard truly is a visionary and christian prophet.

Why is Jesus so fascinating?  Because you can’t put HIM in a box. Just when you think you’ve got Jesus all figured out Sweet comes along and helps us see what’s always been right in front of us but until now we couldn’t see it.

Jesus is right in front of you. Do you see HIM?

Question. Which fish are you in this picture? Step out of the usual way of looking at Jesus and go against the flow. You deserve the best-and Jesus is the best.  He’s the great turn-on! See Jesus as HE really is!

Wednesday night fellowship starts at 6.  Hope you can make it!  Jesus will be there for you and me! John



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