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Believe in Super Heroes-Only One is Real!

Superheroes are back.  With kids out of school and no new James Bond movie ready-Hollywood offers us Superman and The Lone Ranger. Super-heroes imagesmany of us grew up with.

Jesus, Superman, and The Lone Ranger have much in common-yet one big difference. The three came stood up for common folks like you and  me. They fought for justice and shall we say, “The kingdom of God and the American Way.” Yet one big difference.

Unlike Superman and The Lone Ranger-Jesus is still alive and at work.

See you Sunday in worship when we celebrate a post July 4th theme: “Freedom is first Spiritual, Not Physical”-Galatians 5:1 our text.

By the way, I have just finished a fascinating book: “The Incomparable Christ”  by J. Oswald Sanders, a most interesting biblical take on Jesus the Christ.

imagesHe is our real superhero!

See you tomorrow!  Pastor John and Maureen


Ministry Weekend Oct 5-7- What’s Your Accomplishments?

Greetings from Vancouver, Washington and The Bishop’s Symposium on “Evangelism”!  It begins today and runs through Friday afternoon. Once a year the Bishop asks to meet with all Pastors.  So unlike last fall in Wenatchee at First United Methodist Church, this year it’s at The Red Lion in Vancouver. A word here about the keynote speaker the Bishop has chosen.  Rev. Dr. Elaine A. Heath, Ph.D., is the McCreless Professor of Evangelism at Perkins School of Theology, and the director of the Center for Missional Wisdom at Southern Methodist University.  Besides her three presentations there will all kinds of workshops for Pastors to attend. I return to Ritzville Friday evening.

This Sunday Adult Sunday School class that meets at 9am in the church social hall is finishing up “The Truth Project”.  Bring your Bible!

We continue this Communion Sunday with a look at how The Holy Bible describes itself.  The Sunday’s text is from Isaiah 55: 1-3; 9-11. Here God tells us through Isaiah that  the Bible has everything to do with how you understand success and accomplishments! So what’s with your accomplishments?  What do you have to show for your life with your accomplishments? According to the Bible what’s the difference between the Biblical and earthly understanding of ‘accomplishments’.

Following worship we will say goodbye to summer this first Sunday in October with our last barbecue fellowship after worship. Barbecued chicken will be offered.  Bring a salad to share with the church providing the chicken and drinks. Sunday evening at 6pm Pastor leads a small group on the Book of Psalm at the parsonage; and Byron Fitch leads a small group at 6:30 at the Schaals home.

Hope to see you in worship!   Your Servants for Jesus The Christ-Pastor John and Maureen!


May God Form You Like He Formed the Bible-Weekend Sept 28-30

Wow isn’t the weather awesome for this late in September?  God is GOOD…all the TIME.  All the TIME GOD is GOOD!

This Sunday we continue with a special series on how we understand Holy Scripture. The theme Sunday is: “May God Form You Like He Formed the Bible”! The Bible is God’s personal word to each of us! O how special the Holy Bible is!  O how special you are with God’s living word within you!

Special thanks to the Trustees for the installation of our New Church Sign. We will dedicate it to the Lord this Sunday. Following worship we will offer barbecued turkey burgers for all those interested. Bring a salad to share with others!

Your Servants for Christ-Pastor John and Maureen

Ministry Activities Sept 7-9-Church Photo Taken!

Greetings and blessings to you in Jesus’ Name.  This Sunday morning we begin with Adult Sunday School at 9am, followed by an all church picture to be taken by Steve McFadden at 10am. We are back on our fall worship time of 10:30 am.

Out of my visits in the community this last week The Holy Spirit has led me to scripturally address: Spiritual Terror! How will you react when Spiritual Terror comes you way? This will be the question we scripturally address this Sunday. Unfortunately we hear or read in the news alot about political terrorism.  Yet most terror is not political but spiritual. Why?  Because all of life is spiritual in nature. Because we each are created with a Spirit we are vulnerable to life’s fears and troubles ganging up on us!  Text to go over for this Sunday is Psalm 91-called the Protection Psalm.

Following worship, all are welcome to take part in a barbecue featuring sausage sandwiches and sweet corn. Bring a salad to share with others .

See ya Sunday-Your Servants for Christ Our Savior-Pastor John and Maureen

Ministry Happenings This Weekend August 24-26

With grateful hearts we begin to let go of the wonderful summer and look forward to an outstanding fall season with the Lord Jesus!

This Sunday our theme deals with: “The Fruits of the Holy Spirit” as described in Galatians 5:16-26. Following worship you are welcome to take part in our fellowship time-which includes barbecued turkey burgers and salads you bring to share!

We are just a stone throw away from starting up our seventh year of “Stayin’ Alive” Ministry for youth beginning this September! We as Trinity need to be involved in this local mission to our area youth.  Pastor John needs help with his junior high class which will be especially large this year.  Other Trinity people who have offered to help with “Stayin Alive” include Callie Moore heading up the Trinity kitchen crew; and Jerry Snyder helping when available with Junior High teaching.

Head up for two weeks from now. On Sunday September 9th, we begin our Fall Schedule. Fall Schedule means Adult Sunday School at 9am; followed by worship at 10:30 am.  Most importantly on this Sunday the Ad. Council has approved an all church photo to be taken by Steven McFadden. Everyone who believes in this church is more than needed to be part of this all church photo.

Special prayers for our people: Cloyd-Helen Blake-as Cloyd decides upon further testing for prostate cancer; Barry-Linda Holmes-as Linda is being evaluated at Sacred Heart Hospital.

Wow-God is Good, All the time!  See Ya Sunday!  Your Servants for Christ-Pastor John and Maureen

Trinity Pulse-Weekend of Aug 10-12

Annual Outdoor Worship/ Church Barbecue This Sunday

Come one…come all to our annual Park Worship this Sunday 9:30am in the Ritzville Park. Bring along a lawn chair and hat for comfort and shade. Following worship everyone’s welcome to add to our potluck meal by bringing a salad and or dessert. Bring your own table service. The church will offer barbecued chicken and drinks.

Theme for Sunday’s worship is : “Being An Outside Person in a Inside World” based on Mark 7. Question?   Are you more of an indoor or outdoor type of person? For example-isn’t it interesting that in Jesus’ 33 years-his birth, his teaching-healing ministry, his death, and his resurrection all for the most part took place outside. The words ‘in’ and ‘out’ are used in all kinds of ways-some positive, some negative. What does it mean to have a inside worldview as a disciple of Jesus? What does it mean to be a Outside Believer in a Insider type of world?

Some Farmers Finish Harvest

Praise God-I haven’t heard of any more Ritzville region harvest fires.  Some farmers within the congregation have finished harvest reporting a bigger than expected 2012 harvest. Pastor was out this week with the Walli harvest crew.

Soul Cafe Talk Continues    

With permission from the Missions Ministry I continue to speak with people inside and outside the Ritzville Church Community about the Soul Cafe. Spoke with a 79 yr old dynamic woman with a doctorate in public school administration this week about older people’s needs and the Soul Cafe.  Spoke with Jesus believers who don’t go to church and wow are they interested in the Soul Cafe concept. Stay tuned. More news coming!

Pastor and Lay Leader Attend Willow Creek Summit this Thursday-Friday in Spokane

Lay Leader Byron Fitch and Pastor attended the 20th Annual Christian Leadership Summit at Life Center Church in Spokane Thursday and Friday of this week. More news coming about this!

Looking forward to Experiencing Jesus and the Holy Spirit with You Sunday-Pastor John

Be Jesus’ Hands and Feet With Others!

Thank You O Holy Spirit-O Three in One for being to the rescue in helping to put out a harvest fire this last Wednesday night. We are so thankful that Larry King’s home was not engulfed in the fire! A small amount of grain was lost but no major injuries or major losses took place!  Thanks to all those who responded to the fire by being the hands and feet of Jesus!

Thank You O Holy Spirit-O Great Physician-for the help that Bruce Howell has offered to Catherine McCaffery who continues to suffer from having the shingles.  We pray O Lord that you would bring relief to Catherine!

This Sunday-we celebrate the fifth work of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Scriptures describe seven works of the Holy Spirit that we each need to know about inorder to maximize our witness for Christ. Over the past weeks we have reviewed how the Holy Spirit convicts us of our need for God, how the Spirit regenerates us, and fills us, and seals us, and now Sunday we review how we have fellowship in the Holy Spirit!

Remember to bring food for the food pantry!  After worship the barbecue will be offering turkey burgers, so bring a salad and let us enjoy the Spirit and each other’s company!  See ya Sunday.  Pastor John and Maureen.

Sunday July 22-Works of The Holy Spirit Continues!

There is someone new on the scene that maybe you haven’t met. Let me introduce you to The person of The Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, even though The Holy Spirit has been around since the beginning of creation-many people inside and outside The Christian Church aren’t aware of The Holy Spirit. Who or what is the Holy Spirit? Its the third person of the Godhead. The Holy Spirit isn’t a glob like most people think. The Holy Spirit is a person.

In this hot hot weather we all need to keep hydrated-drinking water, water, water. So it is with the Holy Spirit. We need the “Filling of The Holy Spirit within us.” We need to be spiritually hydrated. This Sunday’s theme is the third in a series of seven messages on the “Works” of The Holy Spirit. Sunday’s theme deals with the indwelling or filling with The Holy Spirit.

Following worship you are welcome to stay for grilled turkey burgers, and salads. Bring a salad of your choice to share with others. The church will provide the grilled food, and drinks. Donations appreciated!

Trinity Pulse for Week Starting Sunday June 3

Maureen and I are on vacation as your pastoral couple -but this Sunday God in The Holy Spirit will be more than present.

Byron Fitch, Lay Leader has helped through the Spirit call Janet Downing, certified lay speaker and disciple of Jesus, from nearby LaCrosse United Methodist to be our speaker this Sunday. Byron and Harry Schafer will help lead worship this Sunday. Thank you both.

Another way the Holy Spirit has shown Jesus to us is the Spirit within our two high school graduates this year: namely Corin Eckley and Brandon Becker. Corin is on her way to study as an undergrad at Seattle Pacific University with an interest in law and political science. Brandon is on his way to study at Spokane Community College with an interest in computer science. Wow-what a special young woman and man. Corrin and Brandon we will keep you in our prayers and hearts and stay in touch with you. Please congratulate them at worship again. We had a special celebration service earlier this May featuring both students in a dialogue sermon with Pastor John.

As we think of our mission in Ritzville I want to hold up the importance of The Gritman Senior Center  Meals that take place on Monday Wednesday, and Thursday of each week here in Ritzville, beginning at noon. It is so crucial that we be involved in supporting our Ritzville Community. For more info about the Senior Center contact its new President Mr. Roy Klein at 659-1289. As a way to be more involved within Ritzville this is an excellent way to meet new friends and expand your mission field for Jesus.

Nothing, dear friends is more important to God and Jesus Christ then people. Special thanks to all those who helped to recognize the 50th wedding anniversary celebration last Sunday for Cloyd and Helen Blake. Jesus is more than right when he said, “The world will know you are my disciples if you have love one to the other.” Cloyd and Helen we love you so!

Thank you to our Administrative Board for voting at our last ad. council meeting to make a $100 donation to the Ritzville Fire Department.  Oh wow-love takes on so many Godly forms!

Nothing matters more than love-the love of Jesus Christ!

Stay tuned!

Your Servants in the Mission Field for Jesus- Pastor John and Maureen

Trinity Pulse- for Week Beginning May 27th!

Hello Celebrate!  What a weekend for Holy Parties!  Come celebrate Pentecost-the blessed Coming of The Holy Spirit-this Sunday!

We’re  special not because of who we are but because of who’s we are!  We are those who have chosen to follow the movement first called “The Way”.  Jesus Christ is the Way,the Truth, and the Life that blesses all who believe on Him.

This memorial day weekend-we:

1. Continue  looking at the Truth Project-beginning at 9am.  Tour nine involves how we as Jesus’ followers relate to the state. Most interesting. From 9:30 to 10 we will relate these scriptures from the Truth Project to The Daniel Plan;

2. Begin a special series on the works of the Holy Spirit?  Do you know the seven ways the Holy Spirit wants to be at work in your life? Hey-who is the Holy Spirit?  This Sunday’s worship theme points to our inner need for Holy Spirit living. What’s the first work of the Holy Spirit.  Let’s look at John 16:8-11-the Spirit’s work of convicting;

3.  Following worship let’s celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Cloyd and Helen Blake.  Come congratulate the Blake’s for this wonderful spiritual achievement in their lives.

With the many doings of this memorial weekend there will be no Daniel Plan meal sharing this Sunday after worship!

Have a safe blessed Memorial Day weekend.  Your Servants for Christ- Pastor John and Maureen