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The Fisherman Shows Us How to Fish

Hello from our home in Long Beach, Washington.IMG_3714

This week of R & R God has showed himself in so many ways.  How you ask: 1.)  reading of two books-one a dud and the other a gem; 2.) Catching trout at nearby Black Lake; 3.) doing all kinds of home maintenance jobs with Maureen; 4.) Just relaxing and hearing God’s still voice with no phone calls; 5.) viewing an Osprey and Bald Eagle in a an aerial dog-fight; and 6.)wonderful love walks on the beach with Maureen.

Jesus and fishing are synonymous. The Master teaches us so much about people through fishing.

Have a super Sunday. Our boy from Portland will join me today here at the beach with his motorcycle, where tomorrow we will ride to Seattle to visit my mother and see a Mariners baseball game.

Sunday our Lay Leader Byron Fitch will be sharing God’s Word.  Will be back in my office bright and early Monday morning!  Jesus is Lord. Go fishing!

IMG_3715Allow the Master to show you how to fish! Stay tuned! Brother John


The Cross is Back-Review Annual Conference Part 1

Greetings in Jesus’ name.  Hope this jumper cable restart of Lift Up Christ finds you enjoying summer!  After vacation I’m back to offering this blog as an alternative view of United Methodism in the Pacific Northwest. Thank you Holy Spirit for jump starting me with a refreshed spirit. Wow it’s available to anyone who calls on you O Jesus of Nazareth!

How blessed we are with pacific northwest weather. Ritzville wheat, hay, and grass seed could be a record crop this year. Our hearts go out to the other sixty four percent of the country that is suffering drought conditions!

Congratulations to Bishop Hagiya being reassigned as our Bishop.  Now he’s also the episcopal leader for Oregon-Idaho, and the Alaskan Conference. Our conference is now called The Greater North Pacific Annual Conference.

So what grabbed you spiritually about this past annual conference?  Was it something said from the two special speakers; or some legislative action, or someone who was ordained? What I celebrate with so many of you is that the Cross was back at Annual Conference. Unlike the  conference of 2011 where there was no worship cross present at plenary worship-this year the Cross of Jesus Christ was back. Off to the side of the worship platform was a beautiful cross. During Sunday Worship June 24 the cross was powerfully displayed off the media screen up front. Special thanks to Worship Conference Chair Pastor David Johnson for the return of the cross. At the end of worship the daughter  of Pastor David Parker painted a gorgeous living representation of the Cross. The words of Holy Scripture painted for all of us to celebrate here are: “Perfect love casts out fear (I John 4:18).”  What does the heart say?  “Love Eternal.” Wow-well done.

Praise God, the living cross, the Living Christ is alive.  The Cross is back stronger than ever before…now in the new Greater North Pacific Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. As John Wesley so reminds us-“the best is yet to come.”

Stay tuned. I address what I believe to be the most controversial issues of annual conference in part 2.