You are More Than Feeling or Thought !!!

We experience  the best and worst of life through words and feelings. Question. Are you more of a thought or feeling centered person? We  either think things through or try to discern understanding through feelings. Quite often words and feelings are like oil and water: they just don’t mix. When this happens we are confused.

This is why music is so key. Music is God’s way of bringing words and feelings together in harmony that creates a togetherness. A togetherness that words  and feelings don’t create just by themselves.

Music is God’s way of creating poetry in motion.

Music truly is God’s universal language; it creates a venue through which God’s supernatural presence in Jesus Christ comes powerfully within.

I recommend Matthew West’s (contemporary Christian music artist) new album CD entitled “All In”

So the next time you are stressed and feel down and in need of a pick-up don’t reach for a smoke or caffeine-just sit down and listen to God’s word through music. You are so much more than thought or feeling!

Superintendent Sealey is with us tomorrow and potluck dinner follows worship!  See ya-Pastor John-Maureen


Let Your Yes be Yes and Your No-No!

 Why is it that so often  preventative actions  only take place after a tragedy? Whether it’s a road problem that increases the dangers of accidents, or young kids mistaking soap pods for candy and poisoning themselves-at times it seems society only reacts after the fact.

The wisest King ever named Solomon tells us :”There’s an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth (Eccles.3:1-Message Version).”

What’s always right?  It’s always right to get involved in showing your love for someone else. What’s always wrong?  To not get involved in a respectable way of coming to the aid of another who is in need and is crying out.

Prevent hurt, show that you care, speak up, and as Jesus says in the context of how to swear:”All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one (Matthew 5:37).

Be saved from being apathetic. Who knows-who will come to your aid when suddenly you are attacked or in need? Let your yes-be yes, and at times may your no clearly mean no.

Be like Jesus Christ to someone else in need!  See ya tomorrow! Pastor John and Maureen




Who Do You Compete Against? Try Yourself!

Hooray for the winter Olympics from South Korea.

What is sport? Sport is a legal way to vent aggression. Worldly sport can be  aggressively violent.

People push each other around based on wealth, size of its military, politics, religion, put downs, sports that cause concussions, sexual harassment, abuse, and school shootings. The Olympics have been such a refreshing difference from our every day news.  What’s been so different about the Olympics?

The international Olympics show competition and aggression  from within not without. Yes athletes compete against each other, but unlike worldly aggression, the olympics and amateur sport show us that we really are competing against ourselves. It’s not as much trying to outdo or putdown someone else-but instead the athletes are competing against themselves. Ski-jumping, luge, and winter sports are so about your technique and how discipled the athlete is in doing what he/she has trained for. So it is for how we live.

Nothing is more satisfying then with God’s help and power proving you can go faster and jump, or curl better then you have ever done before.

Don’t concentrate first on beating someone else- concentrate on competing  against yourself.

See ya Sunday-Pastor John


Lenten Soup Supper Tonite 6pm

Jesus was comfortable doing what we may not be comfortable doing. He sat down and broke bread with anyone who would show any interest in a relationship with HIM.

So tonight you are welcome to join me in sitting down and enjoying fresh made soup and bread with other followers of Jesus from other Christian churches in town. Let us be open like Jesus to start new relationships with others.

Like Jesus show strangers we have much more in common then we have with differences.

Meal starts at 6pm followed by a short time of shared music, shared reading of scriptures, and a shared dialogue about our “unity in Jesus Christ.”

Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

Pastor John and Maureen

Faith is common-But in Whom???

You may say you don’t believe in faith!

Take going to a doctor.  You are sick with the flu. You realize you can’t heal yourself.  You go to a doctor, you haven’t seen before. The doctor after examining you writes out a prescription that you can’t read. You then go to a pharmacy and  give that scribbled mess called a prescription to the pharmacy. They then give you two bottles of pills that you don’t recognize. You then go into sticker shock at the price of those two pill bottles and then do the insurance mumbo-jumbo, pull out cash or credit card and hope you will get better.

Faith is who or what we put our trust and hope in. When you flip on a light switch, or turn the key in your car’s ignition-aren’t these acts of faith?

Faith in God is “confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1).”

Faith in God revealed in Jesus Christ-who is alive in your midst is a great choice to make.

We all have faith. The question is in whom or what do you have faith?

See ya tomorrow. Pastor John and Maureen



Like Valentine-Live by Your Heart Not Just Your Head!

On this St. Valentine’s Day-we remember that first century Christian who was jailed, martyred for following Jesus Christ. From his jail cell-he had access to a open air barred window. His family sent a carrier pigeon to him, with a message. The first valentine was what? The man named Valentine then send the first Valentine as a love message back to his family.

Speaking about heart-our hearts go out tonight to the families of those who were killed today at a mass gun shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, outside Miami, Florida.

So live for love-the love of Christ, and the love you have for family, and the people of whatever community you live in!

See ya Sunday, as we begin a special Lenten series on”Jesus Christ, our Firm Foundation.” John-Maureen



Are You Loved? Really?

Look inside. Do you know you are loved?  Are you loved for who you are or does another want something from you?  Love is more than an emotion, it’s a choice and mutual commitment. Are you loved or used?

Love is supernatural. Love only comes from God, for God is love ( I John 4).  Love from God does what? It makes you feel complete, competent, and worthy! Is this how your love makes another feel?

God’s love makes you feel like giving to others of yourself and whatever God wants you to share. Love gives just because it is love and seeks nothing in return. The reason most people don’t know how to love is because anytime another loves they think they have to return the good deed or gift. The best pic of love is the cross! If Jesus is within then so love Him that you can’t help but love others.

Love from God will always energize you.  Love is patient, love is forgiving: and love: “always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres (I Cor 13:7).”

See you in worship!  Happy St. Valentine’s Day. Pastor John

Leonard Sweet’s New Spiritual Insight-Great Book!

I assume you might, just might have an interest in the greatest guy around by the name of Jesus.

If you have any kind of interest or love for Jesus-then Leonard Sweet is your guy. Leonard, over the years has written more interesting books on Jesus then anyone I know. So Sweet’s done it again-named: The Bad Habits of Jesus-How to Live Right in a World Gone Wrong.” Leonard truly is a visionary and christian prophet.

Why is Jesus so fascinating?  Because you can’t put HIM in a box. Just when you think you’ve got Jesus all figured out Sweet comes along and helps us see what’s always been right in front of us but until now we couldn’t see it.

Jesus is right in front of you. Do you see HIM?

Question. Which fish are you in this picture? Step out of the usual way of looking at Jesus and go against the flow. You deserve the best-and Jesus is the best.  He’s the great turn-on! See Jesus as HE really is!

Wednesday night fellowship starts at 6.  Hope you can make it!  Jesus will be there for you and me! John


Bullycide-Needs to be Challenged!

Bullying-whether it’s physical or emotional needs to be challenged. Jesus challenged bullying in his day in numerous ways!

How do you know your child or grandchild is being bullied? First-they withdraw from life and their usual habit patterns; Secondly-this child or adult will change their eating patterns that after a while is really noticeable; Thirdly-they are more frequently depressed than usual.

Suicide is the third highest killer of youngsters 10-18 and bullying is so prevalent today that it’s being called “Bullycide.” What we need to realize is that verbal assaults and vicious put-downs need to seen just as damaging as physical taunts and assaults. If you detect bullying and it is happening on public school grounds then challenge the incident and report it in writing to school administrators.

Come spring I hope to have a community forum taking place on abuse and bullying will definitely be one aspect we will deal address.

So-enjoy the cultural hoop-la called Superbowl-and hope to see you in worship tomorrow. Pastor John-Maureen

Catchy Diseases to Watch Out For !!

With colds and flu cases on the scene, there’s other diseases which can be spiritually fatal. They’re called Pride and Arrogance.

How many underestimate the flu and pneumonia? So it is with spiritual ailments of the soul.

Watch out for the spiritual virus called Pride. It’s subtle and starts without our awareness. It creates the lie where some people believe they are  a ‘self’ made man or woman. It creates the illusion that people are independent and not dependent on anyone-even God.

Unhealthy pride if not spiritually treated can develop into full blown arrogance.  Spiritual arrogance deceives in that the arrogant don’t realize this disease makes them hard hearted towards others and other p0ints of view.

Paul tells us:”Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider other better than yourselves. Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others (Philippians 2:3-4 NIV).

So, stay warm and well, hydrated with the Holy Spirit, watch out for the P &A Disease.    See ya  at Wednesday night fellowship at 6-7pm.

Pastor John Hunsberger